Home Made Mayonnaise (蛋黃醬)

This sauce is what I want to make it long time ago, I just been lazy and maybe I have no confidence to make it – I heard a lots of people said it is not easy to make and quite easy to get it wrong.

But today I suddenly want to make it and challenge myself.

Yay, actually I can do it, of course you can do better than me. It only take me not more than 10 minutes.

Home Made Mayonnaise


  1. Egg yolk                                        2
  2. Pinch of salt
  3. Sunflower oil or Groundnut oil      250ml
  4. Extra virgin olive oil                      25ml
  5. Dijon mustart                                1 tbsp
  6. White wine vinegar or Fresh lemon juice       1 tbsp
  7. Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper

*** I only made 1/2 portion and it is enough for me to fill 3 little baguettes.


  • Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature before starting. Place a damp tea towel beneath a large mixing bowl, and add the egg yolks. Beat well with a whisk for a couple of minutes.
  •  Add the salt and beat well for 30 seconds until the yolk is thick and sticky. Start to put the sunflower oil or groundnut oil in a very thin stream. (I found out that if you make it by your own and use your hand whisk, you just couldn’t work in one hand whisk and the other hand pour in the oil all at the same time. ) So, at this step, I only put 1/2 tsp for the first few times, but remember to beat it after adding the oil in.
  •  Once your mayonnaise is near the consistency you want it and you may not need to use all the oil, (actually I only put 2/3 amount of the listed ingredients, and the consistency was that I like),  now is the time to put the olive oil in, keep beat it until thick and glossy, and then add the vinegar or lemon juice, seasoning and mix in. If you would prefer a thinner mixture, add a little water as well.
  • Give it a bit more beating until smooth and glossy. Cover it with cling film and keep it in the fridge until you need it.


  • Mayonnaise forms the basis for numerous other sauces. It is also delicious served just as it is with cold poached egg and cold chicken, cold sea food, such as salmon, or tinned tuna.

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