Cheese Toastie with Green Salad

The weather was so miserable today, not in a good mood to do anything.

Now, is the dinner time, I still haven’t got any idea to cook for my dinner. So I just look around to see what I had in my fridge: few slices of bread, a pack of mozzarella cheese, one tomato, a pack of mixed green salad. OK, that’s it, I can make cheese toastie with green salad, just simple as that! I think I’m quite lazy!

Cheese Toastie with Green Salad

Serve: 2


  1. Wholegrain bread                            4 slices
  2. Tomato, (sliced)                              1
  3. Mozzarella                                      1 pack (125g) (torn into small pieces)
  4. Mixed green salad                          1 pack (100g with watercress and baby spinach)
  5. Canned peaches (drained)             1 can
  6. Granny Smith apple                        1 ( thinly sliced)


  • Spread butter on each slice of bread, ( I prefer not to put butter on mine,  because I was on diet). Arrange the sliced tomato and mozzarella on top, then put another slice bread on top.
  • Put it onto the heated toastie maker for 2 to 3 minutes until the cheese melted.
  • Now, wash all the salad leaves, drained.
  • Cut the toastie into half, (triangle or rectangle, or even 4 quarter, that’s totally up to you), put the salad and toastie on the plate, add the sliced peaches and sliced apple on the green salad. I drizzle some of my favourite balsamic glaze on top.
  • Then we can snuggle in our sofa, watch TV and enjoy our dinner. Definitely is my lazy day! Perfect!!!

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