Matcha Mochi with Red Bean Paste (抹茶,紅豆糯米糍)

Matcha Mochi with Red Bean Paste (抹茶,紅豆糯米糍 )

Matcha is a fine ground, powdered, high quality green tea and not the same as tea powder or green tea powder. One of it’s health benefit is  antioxidant, it contains more antioxidants than blueberriespomegranatesorange juice and spinach.  Matcha is also said to boost metabolism  and help reduce cholesterol levels when drank regularly.

Matcha can use on baking, dessert and ice cream………..

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Matcha Mochi with Red Bean Paste (抹茶,紅豆糯米糍 )

Ingredient:                           (can make 22 to 23 pieces)

  1. Glutinous Rice flour                       170g
  2. White rice flour                               30g
  3. Matcha (綠茶 or 抹茶粉)                1 tsp
  4. Condensed milk                             2 tbsp
  5. Caster sugar                                  1 tbsp
  6. Icing sugar                                     1 1/2 tbsp
  7. Oil                                                   1 tbsp
  8. Lukewarm water                            250ml – 280ml
  9. Red bean paste                             440g (roughly)


  • Take 20g of the glutinous rice flour into the frying pan and dry fry it for 2 to 3 minutes, let it cool down and mix with the icing sugar, set aside for later use.
  • Mix matcha powder with 1 to 2 tbsp of warm water.
  • Sieved the flour into a mixing bowl, add condensed milk, sugar, oil and the matcha paste, gradually add the lukewarm water into the flour mixture, use spatular to mix and fold the mixture until it form a soft dough, if it look a bit dry, add 1 tbsp of water at a time to mix it.
  • Placed the dough on an oiled plate, steam it in high heat for about 10 to 12 minutes until cooked ( stick a chopstick or bamboo stick into the middle of the dough, if it come out clean, that is cooked; otherwise, steam another 5 more minutes until it cooked).
  • Let it cool down but still have a little bit warm.
  • Wearing a pair of plastic gloves to handle the dough. Knead the dough on the table until smooth. Divide the dough into 22 portions, about 25g each (roughly).
  • Divide the red bean paste into 22 portions as well, make it like a ball shape.
  • Take one of the pastry dough and use your palm to press down flat and take one of the red bean paste on the middle of the dough and sit in between your right hand’s thumb and index finger, then use your left hand’s thumb to push the filling downward ; at the same time your right hand’s thumb and index finger pull the pastry upward, then you can wrap all the pastry to cover the whole filling. Sounds so complicated, but it just need more time to practice, it’s simple as that!
  • Roll the mochi into the mixture of icing sugar and the cooked glutinous rice.


  • You can make it smaller size, by reduce the weight of each pastry and filling.
  • You can use the custard filling instead of red bean paste, some people like to use the mango or strawberry as well. But the original recipe is use crushed roast peanut mix with sugar and toasted sesame seed mixture. Sometimes I prefer the original recipe.
  • You can use brown rice flour instead of the white rice flour.
  • Also, you can change the filling to custard as well, it just something like ‘mix and match’.

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