Custard with Snow Skin Mooncake (奶黃冰皮月餅)

Another mooncake again, yes, around mid of August ( I mean Chinese calender of course),I remember Hong Kong has lots and lots of different mooncake selling in the cake shops, and they’re so beautiful, and they have so many different fillings as well, so yummy!

But now, living in England, I love to make it by myself to share with our friends and family. I have lots of happy memory of this festival during my childhood!

Custard with Snow Skin Mooncake (奶黃冰皮月餅)

For the Snow skin ingredient: (will make about 500g, 20g/each, total 25 small cakes)

  1. Plain flour                                        25g
  2. Glutinous rice flour  (糯米粉)          50g
  3. White rice flour  (粘米粉)                50g
  4. Sugar                                               50g
  5. Vegetable oil                                    3 tbsp
  6. Condensed milk                              3 tbsp
  7. Milk                                                  250g
  8. Cooked glutinous rice flour             20g   (dry fry the glutinous rice flour in a pan for 2 to 3 minutes)

For the Filling ingredient:  ( will make 740g, 36g/each, total 25 pieces )

  1. Custard powder                             84g
  2. Milk powder                                   56g
  3. Caster sugar                                  140g
  4. Coconut milk                                  182g
  5. Evaporated milk                             112g
  6. Egg                                                 2 1/2 ( about 125g )
  7. Melted butter                                  42g

Method: ( for the snow skin )

  • Sieved the first 3 dry flour together and add the sugar, mix well, then add the vegetable oil, milk and the condensed milk into the flour mixture, and use hand whisk to whisk them smooth like pancake batter.
  • And sieved the batter 2 to 3 times, this can make sure the batter smoother and without any lumps in it.
  • Then put the batter into an oiled deep pan on high heat and steam for about 20 to 25 minutes, until you insert a chopstick or toothpick in the middle, when it come out is clean, that is cook, if not, back on high heat for another 5 minutes. This time, the batter will turn into nearly a  transparent dough.
  • Let it cool down for about 1/2 hour, and test the dough is cooler but still  have a bit warm to knead, put a large sheet of cling film or a pastry mat on the table, take the dough on it and knead it until smooth and silky.
  • Use the cling film to roll the dough into a long roll and wrap with the cling film, store in the fridge for overnight.

Mehtod: ( for the fillings )

  • Put custard powder, milk powder and sugar in a mixing bowl, then put the coconut milk, evaporated milk and the eggs into the dry ingredients, use hand balloon whisk to whisk all together until no lumps there, at last, add the melted butter in, whisk again until smooth.
  • Sieve the batter into a greased deep plate, put into the steamer with boiling water over a high heat, steam for about 18 to 20 minutes until it cooked, use a chopstick or wooden skewer insert into the middle of the custard, if it come out clean, it is cooked, if not, stay on the heat for another 5 minutes until it cooked.
  • Cool down for at 1/2 hour or so, but still have a little bit warm, scrap out on a pastry mat or cling film on the table, knead the custard until smooth and silky, better wear a  pair of plastic gloves to handle it.
  • When the custard is knead to smooth, put on a large sheet of cling film to roll out like a long sausage roll, keep in the fridge overnight.

Make up the mooncake:

  • Take the snow skin and the custard filling out from the fridge, leave on the room temperature for 2 hours.
  • Use a dough cutter to cut the snow skin into 20g each, about 25 pieces.
  • Use a dough cutter to cut the custard filling into 36g each, about 25 pieces.
  • Now prepare two sheets of cling film on the table, wear a pair of plastic gloves, put one of the snow skin between the two sheets of cling film, use your palm to press down the dough, remember make the middle is thicker than the edge, take the dough out and put one of the filling on the middle, wrap it all around the custard ball.
  • Finish the remaining to use the same method, practice will make it perfect! It is not that difficult!
  • Slighly dust some cooked glutinous rice flour into the mould, put one of the cake ball into the mould, press down the four edges, then push the handle and let it come out, it just simple as that!
  • Those mooncakes need to keep in the fridge and serve in cold.
  • It is the time to make a cup of green tea and enjoy the mooncake, wish the weather of this sunday night 30th, September is neither cloudy nor raining, so we can see the full moon and enjoy the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. YAY!

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