Curry Powder – Full of Aroma

I researched about lots of information to find out how to tailor made my own blend curry powder, because either of them was too strong or too weak. I eager to make my own one for a long time.

I tried and tested so many times before, but still not satisfy! When I nearly gave up, I found one that is  quite reach to what I want. When I fried the spices in my kitchen, the room was full of aroma, so nice!

Special blended curry powder


  1. Coriander seed                                     4 1/2 tsp
  2. Cumin seed                                          4 1/2 tsp
  3. Cardamom pods                                   7 to 8 pods
  4. Fennel seeds                                        1 tsp
  5. Cloves                                                   8 to 10 pieces
  6. Mustard seed                                        1/2 tsp
  7. Black peppercons                                 1/8 tsp ( I used chinese mixed peppercorns )
  8. Dried red chilli                                        1 tsp more or less
  9. Ground Turmeric                                   4 1/2 tsp


  • Dry fry all the ingredients in a saucepan, except the ground turmeric and fresh ginger for few minutes, until you smell the fragrance and the seed start to dance inside, off heat.
  • Let it cool down few minutes and blend it in a coffee grinder with the ground turmeric until all turn powder like.
  • Keep it into an airtight jar until you need it.


  • This curry powder is tailor made for my own taste, so if you can cope of the very hot and spicy, you can double the quantity of dry chilli.
  • You can use the above ingredients in powder, instead to fry all the seeds, but I can tell you that it worth it, the smell was so nice when you dry fry them, you will love it. You can make a bigger batch, just double it up.
  • Remember, add  2 tsp of fresh grated ginger with the juice when you cook your curry with the curry powder.

3 thoughts on “Curry Powder – Full of Aroma

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