Thai Pumpkin Curry

A Thai curry is made from curry paste, coconut milk, meat, seafood, vegetables and herbs. Curries in Thailand mainly differ from the curries in Indian dish and other South Asian dish in their use of fresh ingredients such as herbs and aromatic leaves over a mix of spices.

But their curry paste normally have the Shrimp Paste and fish sauce in it, that is the main reason I can’t have it, because I’m a vegetarian.

And that is the reason I need to make my personnel sauce or spice mix, sometimes it’s a bit of embarrassing moment when I eating out in a restaurant. Because I need to make sure their curry hasn’t got any Shrimp Paste nor fish sauce. If anyone has the same problem, please let me know, we can share the experience.

This recipe, I did change some ingredients to suit our family, that is not too hot but it still taste so good. And is also much healthier than store-bought curry powders, which tend to have ‘fillers’ such as cornstarch and flour, as well as preservatives (never mentioned on the packet).

Thai Pumpkin Curry


  1. Small pumpkin                         1.8 kg   ( weight with the peel )
  2. Aubergine                                 1   ( medium size )
  3. Lemon grass                            1   ( finely chopped )
  4. Fresh ginger                             2 tbsp  ( finely chopped )
  5. Vegetable oil                             1 tbsp
  6. Curry powder                            4 tsp  ( more or less )
  7. Green chilli                                1      ( finely chopped )
  8. Bay leaves or Kaffir lime           3 leaves, scrunched   (I use bay leaves, because I can’t find kaffir lime when I want to cook this dish )
  9. Coconut milk                             3/4 can
  10. Vegetable stock                        200ml
  11. Sea salt                                      1/2 tsp
  12. Lime juice                                   1 whole lime
  13. Fresh coriander                          2 tbsp  ( roughly chopped )

Preparation :

  • Cut the top lid of the pumpkin, set aside, deseeded it and use a spoon to scoop the flesh out, but keep away of 1/2 cm to the peel, put the lid back on the top.
  • Diced the aubergine and put in a colander, sprinkle with 2 tsp of salt all over the diced aubergine and leave in the sink for 10 to 15 minutes, it will take the moisture out. Rinse with tap water, drain it.


  • Preheat the oven to 400°F/200°C/180°C (fan oven), or gas mark 6.
  • Heat the oil in a wok or large saucepan, put the ginger and lemon grass and quickly stir it for a minute to let the fragrance out.
  • Then put the aubergine, cook for about 1 to 2 minutes, add the curry powder, coconut milk, green chilli, bay leaves and stock in, follow with the pumpkin and let it bring to the boil, turn the heat down to medium low, simmer for about 15 minutes until the vegetables almost tender.
  • Add the lime juice and chopped coriander (reserve 1 tbsp for garnishing), add the seasoning and test the taste to suit you.
  • Off heat and scoop the curry into the prepared pumpkin, put the lid back and sent it to the hot oven for about 45 to an hour, serve the whole pumpkin on the dinner table.


  • I suggest you put a bit more curry powder and green chilli to make it hotter if you can cope. This one is only medium hot.
  • It’s good to serve with Indian naan bread. It doesn’t matter it is Thai curry, and it must serve with Thai rice. 

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