Black Sesame seed Roll (黑芝蔴卷)

Black Sesame seed Roll (黑芝蔴卷).  It is definitely an old chinese sweet snack! And it is hardly to buy from shop now, people not very keen to make it anymore, and the new generation haven’t heard it and have no idea of what it is as well, but still have some people like me try really hard to find and test the recipe to make it, Because I don’t want this nice and tasteful snack disappear in the next generation, I want to keep the old and new!

The main ingredient in this snack is the black sesame seeds: it is rich in protein, nutrients and antioxidants, black sesame seeds are popular in Southeast Asian cuisine, it use on  whole sesame seeds as condiments and in desserts and breads. Grinding the seeds (white sesame seed) produces sesame paste and sesame butter (tahini) for spreads, sauces and dressings. Sesame oil provides unsaturated fat for cooking and frying.
The protein in the sesame seed help to build muscle and repair tissue in the body. Two tablespoon of black sesame seed provide 4 grams of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids., that is a very good fat for our health. Sesame seeds provide a non-dairy source of calcium and a plant source of iron. Other nutrients found in sesame include fiber, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese and vitamin B. Also, found high antioxidant levels in both white and black sesame seeds.

It is very good for vegetarian as well!

Article reviewed by Carolyn Williams Last updated on: May 12, 2011

Black Sesame seed Roll (黑芝蔴卷)


  1. Black sesame seed                          115g
  2. Wheat starch  (澄麵)                         15g
  3. White rice flour  (粘米粉)                   10g
  4. Water chestnut flour (馬蹄粉)            50g
  5. White sugar/ Rock sugar   (冰糖)      110g to 125g  (I use rock sugar)
  6. Water                                                  500ml


  • Wash the black sesame seed and drain it. Fry it in a dry hot frying pan then grind it into fine powder by using a coffee grinder, then grind for few more second until it look like sesam seed paste (tahini), then stop the grinder.
  • Mix the wheat starch, white rice flour and water chestnut flour together, add 100ml of water and mix it like batter, set aside.
  • Put 400ml of water in a saucepan with the rock sugar over a medium heat, cook until the sugar melt. Add the grinded sesame seed paste into the boiled sweet water,  let the black sesame seed melted and well combined with the hot water by using hand balloon whisk.
  • Off heat, and pour the prepared batter into the hot sweet water, whisk it thoroughly.
  • Pour into a shallow, well oiled container with a thin layer of the mixture and steam in a high heat for about 30 minutes until it cook and set.
  • When it get cool down, use a palette knife to slide the sheet of black sesame seed onto a plate and repeat to steam the remaining batter.
  • Roll the sheet of black sesame seed into a roll like a camera film, that’s why the people called: it is a sesame seed film.
  • Cut into a bite size and serve hot or cold.
Note:  MIne (black sesame seed roll) came out was a bit thicker, because thinner will look nicer, so if you can make it thinner, please let me know!

8 thoughts on “Black Sesame seed Roll (黑芝蔴卷)

    • Hi, whiskandchopsticks
      It is one of my favourite dim sum as well. I did make a lot of experiment before, this time it came out the best result that I longed for. Wish you enjoy it and share your result with me as well, has a nice weekend!:)

  1. Thanks for your recipe.

    I just wonder you spread the sesame seed paste on the steamed sheet of black sesame seed before you roll the blace sesame seed roll.(Becase I could see the black sesame seed paste or tahini between the sheet of black sesame seed layers in the picture.)

    • Hello kang, thanks to you stopping by this blog. This is one of the old traditional dim sum, I just wonder you like it as me!
      My blender was going towards to an old age. It is not as good as the powerful Vitamix. It is not surprise that what you saw! Hehe!
      If you have any problems, just let me know! 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply.

        I want to know whether you spread the black sesame cream(or tahini that you blended) upon the black sesame seed sheet before you roll the sheet.

        And, is it really a dim-sum? I think it is kind of a black sesame seed cake 🙂

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