Oaty Sourdough Bread

I started again to feed my sourdough again that is always keep in my fridge if I haven’t got time to make bread.

A week ago, I took out 100g of my old sourdough from the fridge, let it rest in the room temperature for half day (because the weather was down to 12°C), then I started to feed it with 50g of organic rye flour and 50g of water everyday to make it active again. After 3 days, it started to be bubbly, so I knew my sourdough is still alive, (actually I kept my sourdough for 1 year already, I only feed it again if I want to make bread, so cruel am I, hehe)?

Ok, the day before I want to make a loaf, I keep feed my sourdough with 50g rye flour and 50g of water, 12 hours later, I check it again, it seems so active and bubbly with a nice smell. And this time, I want to make a healthy loaf with lots of oats.

Oaty Sourdough Bread


  1. White strong flour                              350g
  2. Wheat germ                                       50g
  3. Organic oatmeal                                70g
  4. Sea salt                                              10g
  5. Honey                                                 20g
  6. Olive oil                                              10g
  7. Sourdough starter                              300g
  8. Lukewarm water                                225ml


  • Combine the strong flour, wheat germ, oatmeal, sea salt, honey, sourdough starter and I add the water a little at a time to bring everything together with my hands, or you can use with a stand mixer or your bread machine, it’s up to you by which way you like the most. But this time, I like to use my hands to knead my loaf.
  • About 5 minutes later, it start to corporate, so I added the olive oil into the dough and keep kneading it for about 10 to 12 minutes until it became smooth and elastic, so I torn a bit of the dough and stretch all the corner, until I saw it look like a sheet of muslin when I hold it up to point in front of the window.
  • Then put the dough into an oiled container, spray some water on top and cover with an oiled cling film, leave in the room temperature (my room is 12°C) for about 24 hours, because I like my bread fermenting and proofing for a springy loaf.
  • After 24 hours, take the dough out on a floured table, deflate it and fold it from all the corner into the middle, knead it for few minutes, divide into 3 equal portions, and roll it like a ball shape, cover with a clean tea towel and rest on the table for about 15 minutes.
  • Roll each dough into a rectangle shape with a rolling pin, fold 1/3 of the right and left side into the middle to make it like a book. Fold it and roll it again, seal the bottom and make it a nice roll shape. Put them into an oiled loaf tin, Put the lid on if your tin has a lid. Put it into a warm place to let it proof for another 60 to 90 minutes.
  • !0 minutes before finish the proofing time, preheat the oven into 425°F/220°C/200°C (fan oven), or gas mark 7, meanwhile, put a bowl of hot water into the bottom of oven to make it steaming.
  • Spray the loaf with a little bit of water, and bake into the preheat oven for about 10 minutes, and turn the temperature to 400°F/200°C/180°C (fan oven), or gas mark 6 for another 20 to 25 minutes, until it cook and golden brown.
  • Take the bread out and tab the bottom of the bread, if it sounds hollow, it is cook, if not, back into the oven for another 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Cool down onto a wire rack.


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