Happy Christmas to Everyone

Happy Christmas to the Whole World

Today is the christmas eve already, I think lots of people was on holiday now. Are they busy to do the last minute for their presents, christmas food, wrapping all the gifts, or still have something to buy, even some people start to shop for their next year presents already, so and so …..

Seems everyone are so busy for some good reason.

But in England, some area was affect by the heavy rain, lots of place were flooded. Their homes are full of water, their christmas tree and christmas presents are floating in the sitting room. They’re even can’t stay in their home for christmas cause by the flooding.

Some people in this world, they’re still get suffer for something happened to them, lots and lots…..

Let’s pray for them, Wish they’ll be get better from the bad after christmas time……and after the New Year!

Let’s pray for everyone, have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR 2013!

🙂 🙂


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