Dango or Tangyuan syrup (湯圓糖水)

This is a traditional sweet dessert for Chinese and Japanese!

Dango is a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour), related to mochi. It usually   served on a skewers and dip into brown sugar syrup.Mitarashi dango by denver935.jpg

 Dango   This picture is taken from here


Tāngyuán is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. They are the traditional Chinese representatives snacks and roll into small balls mixed with a small amount of water to form balls. The way to make it, just same as the Japanese Dango, but the difference is: Tāngyuán is served in a bowl of boiling water with sugar. It could be a year round snack, but in the old days, it usually can have it during Yuanxiao, or the mid-autumn/ Lantern Festival.


A bowl of tangyuan   This picture is taken from here

But this time, I want to have something difference. 🙂 I like to make the rice ball in pink colour but without the food colouring, instead it, I took two small beetroots simmer with a certain amount of water, that is the colour I taken from and knead with the rice flour. And even more interesting, I wraped it with home made black sesame seed paste.

When my kids was small, we usually play around of it, they loved to roll the dough by their little hands, and they rolled the rice ball into different shape, so funny!

This is what I did, SO yummy and LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Do you think so? Anyway I love it!

湯圓糖水 / Tāngyuán

湯圓糖水 / Tāngyuán

You can see the tangyuan has a little bit of black sesame seed paste coated outside.

湯圓糖水 / Tāngyuán

湯圓糖水 / Tāngyuán


  • It is a little tips about use beetroot for colouring: When you knead the dough with the water made with the beetroot, add two drops of vinegar, the colour will be darker, trust me, it is a magic! And it is fun! Why not go for a test!

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