My Big Challenge in 2013

I haven’t set any target nor to-do list for myself never, ever before. Maybe this is the time I need to think about it ( the beginning of January 2013 ), just want to see how can I do it.

Set a to-do list is not difficult for me, but can I or will I get it/ reach it or finish it ????  That will be another story, hehe. I knew myself really well, I will suddenly lost part of the memory, but the main problem is: I will lack of any patience to keep it going , ( I knew it, don’t remain me ),  hehe! :p  SometimesI will find lots of excuses for myself, blah, blah, blah….. boring!

MY CHALLENGE IS : I WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT! :p  HAHAHA, just simple as that.  (maybe for someone is, but it is hard for me.)

Lot’s people said it is a long battle in our life to loose weight!  But aiming to set this challenge for myself, because my weight start to affect my health, that’s it!

Luckily, I found out one of my blog’s friends: veggiereader, she set herself a goal to reach it, and she gradually, gradually to step on what she want. I really wish she’ll reach her goal soon!

And she sent me some useful advises to help me! So, I think I won’t let her down (I wish).Stepping in the year 2013, I set my challenge is: loose 30lb in between 2 years time!    Can I? Who know? Maybe or maybe not …….

So dudring the later days or months, or years, I will create more low fat; low G.I; low carb and more healthy diet recipes in my blog, I wish it can share with more people, If anyone, has any good advise or ideas, please let me know, I will deeply appreciate.  I need your help and support to keep me going! Thank out so much!  


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