First Snowing in 2013

Snow in 2013

Snow in 2013

18th, Jan 2013

Yay, Snowing, I think lots of people eager to see the snowing, students have a day off, working people have a day off, so people can play snowball fight in the park, garden, or sliding up to the hill, it is a fun family day off!

But at the other hand, travellers will trap in the motorway, people need to stay inside their home without going out, because the heavy snow block their way.

In the airport, lots of people stay there, lying there, sleeping everywhere. Because the heave snow, need to cancel the flight. I think for them, it is quite stressful and disappoint!

I remember when my kids was little, once the snow was up to my knee height, we all playing the snow fight up in the hill, the kid threw the snowball into their dad’s neck, it was fun. And we even build a funny snowman in our back garden, he stay there for few days until the weather change to a bit warm, it started to melt away!

So. I think we all love the fun in our childhood, but when you getting older, you can see the same thing but from the other angle, do you think so?

19th, Jan 2013  Yeah! Stop snowing today, maybe it will melt tomorrow, I hope so! But when the snow start to melt away, the road will be so wet and slippery.


Can you see the birds hiding?

Can you see the birds hiding?

Ooops! 20th Jan 2013, oh dear, it start again in the morning, I mean snowing! Wish it is not too much!

Hopefully it will be fine in the monday morning, hopefully, everyone will be safely arrive to their destination!


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