Cocoa & Raisin Energy Balls

Cocoa & Raisin Energy Balls

Nuts and seeds energy ball

Nuts and seeds energy ball

Good news! I lose 2 lbs during two weeks! Isn’t that a good news? Yes, of course! But will it last long until I loose 30lbs, don’t know! Because I haven’t got any strong willpower…..

I tried really hard to keep 1200 calories a day, but I had few days over this limit, 😦  Sometimes I felt a bit tired, so I need to think what kind of the snack to keep me going and get more energy during the day. People told me to have nuts and seeds but not too much, just a handful will do. Ok,  I want to make something more excite about nuts and seeds, and not just plain and boring.

This little balls are so cute, it can make with all kind of nuts that you like, but I only have whole almond and hazelnut, I think that will be fine. So I put some seeds like sunflower seeds,  pumpkin seeds, ( wow, pumpkin seeds is getting so expensive ) and even black and white sesame seeds, and add some honey but not sugar, I think honey is better than sugar, right? I blended all the ingredients and roll it into a little ball. Then baked them into a hot oven but slow roast it, because I don’t want them too dry! The result was so good, and I took some with me on my way when I went for a walk. Hehe, I always want to eat! 🙂

Cocoa & Raisin Energy Balls

Nuts and seeds energy ball

Nuts and seeds energy ball

Ingredient:         ( Make 40 balls )

  1.   180g Raisin
  2.   165g Whole almonds
  3.   125g Pumpkin seeds
  4.   125g Sunflower seeds
  5.   2 tbsp cocoa powder
  6.   4 tbsp shredded coconut
  7.   2 tbsp honey
  8.   1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Nuts and Seeds energy ball

Nuts and Seeds energy ball


  • Soak the nuts, seeds in a large mixing bowl with filterwater for overnight.
  • Drain it and use kitchen towel to pat dry them.
  • Blend the nuts and seeds in a blender until just croase form.
  • Add raisins, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, honey and shredded coconut altogether until it form hard paste.
  • Preheat the oven to 350°F/180°C/160°C (fan oven), or gas mark 4.
  • Roll into little ball shape about 40 pieces, put into the preheat oven for about 15 minutes and let it set.
  • Cool on a wire rack and keep in an airtight container, it can keep fresh for a week, I think it won’t stay long.

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