Repost Vegetarian ‘Lo Bo Gao’ (素食蘿蔔糕) – White Radish/Mooli/Daikon Cake

CNY Vegetarian ‘Lo Bo Gao’ (素食蘿蔔糕) – White Radish Cake

I decide to repost this recipe again and share with you, because I love it and it is my favourite recipe for Chinese New Year. Actually it is still have few days left, 31st, Jan 2014 Friday, it will be horse of the year.

Vegetarian Radish Cake (港式素食蘿蔔糕)

Vegetarian Radish Cake (港式素食蘿蔔糕)

Certainty, this ‘Lo Bo Gao’ is queueing to the ‘must making list’ cake in the Chinese New Year! This is a savoury cake, the main ingredient is the white radish, white radish in chinese name is called ‘Lo Bo’, normally, will add chinese sausage, shrimp and chinese mushroom.

But for vegetarian, I made it much more healthy than the normal meat one, it is low fat, low salt and low calories. Good, is it?  Yeah, and It even suits for the vegan as well! I used the grated carrot, fungus, mushroom and vegetarian ham, and we’re not going to use the plain flour, nor the self-raising flour. Instead, we ‘ll use the rice flour and with different kind of starch to mix the cake’s batter, and also add all the prepared shredded vegetables, steam in a high heat until cooked.

Vegetarian Radish Cake (港式素食蘿蔔糕) ingredients

Vegetarian Radish Cake (港式素食蘿蔔糕) ingredients

And this kind of cake has another meaning as well, especially the meaning is only for CNY, we took the homophonic (諧音): 高, from the ‘Gao’ (糕), it mean 步步高升, ‘keep move upward/upgrade  for people’s job or keep move upward/upgrade for children’s study. interesting? But it was an really old custom in Chinese, but still so popular from years to years.

Vegetarian ‘Lo Bo Gao’ (蘿蔔糕) – White Radish Cake


  1.   200g Rice flour  粘米粉
  2.   35g Wheat starch  澄麵
  3.   35g Water chestnut starch  馬碲粉
  4.   20g Potato starch or corn flour  太白粉
  5.   13g Sea salt
  6.   18g Sugar
  7.   5g Ground white pepper
  8.   1 tbsp sesame oil
  9.   325ml Water
  10.   500g White radish, peeled and grated
  11.   400g Carrot, peeled and grated
  12.   100g Dried chinese mushroom, soaked in water, drained
  13.   1 big piece of fungus, soaked in water, shredded
  14.   100g Vegetarian ham, shredded
  15.   1 Small brunch Fresh coriander, chopped
Vegetarian Radish Cake (港式素食蘿蔔糕)

Vegetarian Radish Cake (港式素食蘿蔔糕)


  • Heat a large wok with 1 tbsp of oil, stir fry the carrot, shredded mushroom, shredded fungus and shredded vegetarian ham all together, add seasoning, set aside.
  • Use the same wok, put 1 tbsp of oil and fry the grated white radish until it turn transparent colour, it will have a lots of water come out from the radish, but don’t worry about it, keep stir it, and the water will evaporate, but we need to keep part of this water, so don’t let it dry out. Then add the cooked vegetables and mix in the wok.
  • Now, sift all the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl, add sugar, salt, white pepper and sesame oil, stir and mix. Add all the cooked vegetables and the cooked radish as well, mix it altogether, pour into a large greased container, steam in the high heat for about 40 minutes until it cook.

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