Korean Sticky Rice Cake — 韓式年糕

Korean Sticky Rice Cake — 韓式年糕

Korean Rice Cake

Korean Rice Cake

Yeah, I can make my own Korean rice cake now!, Why did I so excite? Because I need to  drive an hour to buy the rice cake from Chinese supermarket, that’s not too worth it, cause the expensive petrol, it is a crazy price!

Kimchi is one of my favorite korean food, stir fry with rice cake is a popular dish in Korea, nearly every family will have it on their dinning table. But they have all their own special kimchi to suit their family, so, I also like to make my own kimchi and stir fry with rice cake.

Korean Sticky Rice Cake — 韓式年糕

Ingredient:        ( it can make 300g rice cake )

  1.   75g White Rice flour    (粘米粉)
  2.   75g Glutinous Rice flour  (糯米粉)
  3.   140 to 150ml of Lukewarm water
  4.   1/2 tbsp of oil


  • Mix the  flour together, add the water into it by a little bit at a time, use a spatular to mix altogether until it form a dough, cover with a tea towel and rest for about 15 minutes.
  • The dough will be quite soft, but still easy to handle. Wash hands first and divide the dough into two or three portions. Now have two ways to cook it. 1 st one is use hands to make them into a thick roll, place onto an oiled plate and steam for about 15 minutes until cooked.
  • And the other way to cook it :  Place the rolls onto a mircowave proof dish and slightly cover with a piece of cling film, leave a small gap to let the steam out. Turn on the heat for 2 minutes, check the dough is cook or not, put on 1 more minute if it still uncook. Take care the plate will be so hot to handle.
  • Let the rice cake cool down completely, it will turn harder. Thinly slice the rice cake and dry them on a wire rack, it can store in a plastic bag and keep into the freezer for later to use.
  • Or it will be ready to cook the Korean style stir fry rice cake.



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