Vegetarian Chicken Nugget / meat ball (素獅子頭)

Vegetarian Chicken Nugget  / meat ball (素獅子頭)

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets 素獅子頭

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets/ meat ball 素獅子頭

You could say this is chicken nugget, Chinese called them:  ‘lion’s head’. However or whatever it was, actually doesn’t matter!  But today I made two different shapes:  the ball shape called ‘ lion’s head’ and the other flatter shape was called nugget. Or you can make more interesting shape and give them a nice name.

What is ‘Lion’s Head’? It is a very popular and common dishes in Shanghai, China. It is like meat ball. People can find lots of different ways to cook it, such as: fried, boiled, baked, stewed, braised, steamed, and half fried…   They have different meat or different seasoning, different spices  as well, it depends on where did they came from. So, today I create my own version, actually I just find whatever I have on hand and make it up, you can say ‘from scratch’ ! hehe

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets 素獅子頭

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets / meat ball  素獅子頭

And this time I use steam and shallow fry it, and prepare sweet chilli sauce for dipping. But some of them, I want to put into my hotpot dishes. Or you can make ‘vegetarian chicken nugget’ sandwich for your lunch box/bento box!

Vegetarian Chicken Nugget  / ‘Lion’s Head (素獅子頭)

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets 素獅子頭

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets / meat ball  素獅子頭

Ingredient:             ( can make 35 pieces )

  1.   90g Soya Chunk, soaked in water
  2.   20g Dried Chinese mushroom, soak in water
  3.   200g Firm tofu
  4.   150g Carrot, grated
  5.   1/2 cup of Strong flour
  6.   1 to 2 tbsp Soy sauce
  7.   1 Small bunch of fresh Coriander, chopped
  8.   3 tsp Dried mushroom stock, granulated
  9.   1/4 cup of water + 4 tsp of cornflour for thickening

For Seasoning:   5 tsp Potato starch, 2 tsp salt, white pepper, 4 tsp sesame seed oil

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets 素獅子頭

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets / meat ball  素獅子頭


  • Dried and squeezed the water of chinese mushroom and soya chunk, put them into a food processor, roughly blender it but not too fine/small, place them into a large mixing bowl.
  • Add all the remaining ingredients into the mixture, use a wooden spoon to mix them thoroughtly, let it sit on the worktop for an hour, put few drops of oil on your palm, take one tbsp of the mixture and roll it into a ball shape, nuggets shape or burger shape, whatever you like.
  • Put them onto a oiled plate, and steam for about 5 minutes over high heat, let it cool down, Put one tbsp of oil into a large frying pan, fry them all sides. Or you can deep dry it, make it more crisper. Then you can serve.

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