Pitta Pizza & Simple Tiramisu ~ Two course Meal

Pitta Pizza & Simple Tiramisu ~ Two course Meal

Simple tiramisu

Simple tiramisu

Fancy something difference today, I want to make a  dessert to complete my dinner that’s I’m not always do. Because having two course for me will be over my diet plan ( I think ). That’s why I need to think how to make a low fat, lower calories main meal and with a dessert, I wish it should me alright ( I don’t know, but it won’t always happen to me,  :p ).

Pitta Pizza

Pitta Pizza

By the way, if I want to cut down the carbohydrate intake, so the pitta bread came up to me, because pitta bread has lower calories,  lower carb. and I chose the wholemeal one as well,  those are better than the normal pizza base. And I top up with lots of fresh tomatoes, rocket leaves, asparagus and tiny amount of feta cheese ( feta cheese has a bit more sodium, that’s I need to cut down for my health ), and drizzle some  extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze on top ( no salt ), put under the grill to melt the cheese a bit, so the main meal done!

Then I made a simple and easy dessert: Tiramisu, it’s only need a few ingredients to make    (just a bit tricky, compare to the traditional one ). It contain biscotti, espresso coffee, dark chocolate, a small amount of whipped cream, few  pistachio nuts and almonds.

Mmm, not much work to prepare and cook, what a comfort meal for us to enjoy!


Pitta Pizza and Tiramisu

Pitta Pizza and Tiramisu


6 thoughts on “Pitta Pizza & Simple Tiramisu ~ Two course Meal

  1. Tiramisu is my FAVORITE dessert and this is such a simple alternative to have it more often without the hassel! Thanks so much for the idea! This is my first time visting your site but I am sure I will be back a lot 🙂

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