Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

You can’t say this is Dim Sum, because you can’t find it in Chinese restaurant. Maybe you can say it is old traditional snack. That is rarely found it  in the high street food store/shop. Maybe, you can found it from some old people sell  it from some alley way somewhere.

Luckily, the recipe of this rice pudding haven’t disappeared yet, that’s why  some people or just like me, still can make it for their family and friends. Hope all the nice old traditional good food can keep pass on to our new generation. They’re worth it! And they’re so yummy!

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

This rice pudding maybe came from south of China I think, they have white and brown version, with red bean or plain. The white one is made from white sugar, so the brown one is made from brown sugar of course! 🙂  But the main ingredient was the rice flour with sugar, water or with cooked red bean, normally they’re steamed in a little rice bowl and served with two little bamboo sticks inserted in the middle of the pudding,  like the lollipop. One thing I still felt so miserable about why the cooked pudding’s middle was sink down like another little bowl there, but that was this rice pudding’s character : they all came out from the steamer with a little sinked hole, I think they looked so cute!

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Ingredient:          ( can made 4 little rice bowls )

  1.   100g Rice flour   粘米粉
  2.   22g Wheat Starch  澄麵粉
  3.   10g Water chestnut starch  馬蹄粉
  4.   125ml Water
  5.   90g Brown sugar  ( I used the chinese brown snap sugar )
  6.   300ml water
  7.   1/2 cup of cooked red bean
Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 懷舊小食: 缽仔糕


  • Greased the rice bowls with some oil.
  • Bring the 90g brown sugar and 300ml water to the boil in a saucepan, set aside.
  • Mix the rice flour, wheat flour water chestnut starch and 125ml of water, whisk all until the water chestnut starch are dissolve.
  • Gradually, slowly pour the brown sugar syrup into the flour batter, whisk all incorporated.
  • Pour the batter into the four rice bowls, put the cooked red bean on top and steam over high heat in a steamer for about 15 to 20 minutes, it depends on the size of the bowl. mine only took 15 minutes to cook.
  • Check the pudding by insert a bamboo stick into the side of the pudding, if it came out clean, that’s cooked!

4 thoughts on “Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding ~ 缽仔糕

  1. Thanks for you stop by here and like it, I did try few times of this kind of pudding before, but not very satisfied, so I adjusted some of the ingredients, this time was so nice and yummy, and the texture was that I wanted.
    So, go for it, wish you enjoy it!

    • Thanks for you stopping here. Because I was away from home for the whole week, sorry for the late reply.
      About the water chestnut starch, I think the tapioca starch will do as the same result, but I haven’t use it in this rice pudding. Anyway it is only use 10g to give the pudding a bit transparent colour, so it should be fine to use the tapioca starch instead.
      Next, I need to say sorry to the word: Wheat flour, actually it is Wheat Starch, but definitely not the whole wheat flour.
      Wish you have a successfully rice pudding, enjoy it! 🙂

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