May Bank Holiday 2013

May Bank Holiday 2013

Roasted sweet potato, so yummy!

Barbecued sweet potato, so yummy!

Wow, what a nice weather! Even the temperature wasn’t climb up to 20°C, you still can feel the warm coming through your skin.

Wish everyone enjoy the weather just like me!  I think lots and lots people get out of their house and stay in the garden, or lie in the park to get the most of sun tan. Or you can see families with children having a teddy bear picnic in the park, boys playing football, girls pushing their toys trolley, dogs chasing a toy, they all playing around because the nice weather!

Wish this weather stay longer to let people enjoy the most of it! 🙂

We had a shopping  in the supermarket this morning, I just wondering why did people’s trolley full of bread rolls, sausages, burgers, drinks, etc…. some of them even a whole big trolley full of those stuff.

Ah, because today is the first May Bank holiday, not surprise!

So, we are going to join them ~ having a barbecue, Yay! We have one as well! Then I just grabbed some quorn sausages, bag of corn on the cob, bags of fresh salad, avocado, lettuce, lemon, and sparkling water, no veggi burger because I remembered I still have few burdock burgers left in my freezer, I think it is the good time to finish all left over. And my husband went to grab his food for the barbecue as well, pack of sausages, fish, pork. Ha ha, he forgot to buy the marshmallow, oh dear! 😦

I forgot to tell you that I bought a pack of sweet potato and a fresh pineapple for the barbecue, it will be so nice and we all love it so much.

Near the evening, he only took 15 minutes to set up the barbecue, and I prepared the salad and dressing, and I fancy some guacamole for the burdock burger today, so I  made a quick and simple one, just throw the peeled and chopped avocado, lemon juice, seasoning, garlic ( I haven’t put in) but I add 1/3 cup of chopped cucumber to blend with, job done. And I wrap each of the  sweet potato with a piece of foil and throw over the hot coal to roast it, I trim the pineapple top away and cut it into eight equal wedges with the skin on and put on the barbecue rack to toast it, all the job done!

And now, we just waiting for the food  to come, half hour later, we all have a plate full of good food for each one, I have quorn sausage, corn on the cob with a bit of olive spread, burdock burger with guacamole, a big plate of fresh salad with dressing, for the drink, I have glass of cold cranberry juice, because I didn’t like coke for me. And we had a roasted sweet potato for the dessert.

Wow, what a big feast for us! Need a good exercise later, haha!


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