Original/Plain Mochi ( 麻糬 )

Original/Plain  Mochi  ( 麻糬 )

Original / Plain  Mochi   ( 麻糬 )

Original / Plain Mochi
( 麻糬 )

This is the original mochi recipe, which is plain with a little bit sweet dough and coat with the original coating, such as roasted, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds mix with sugar. And this was the one that my mum always made for us when our childhood, I still  remember the flavour. Today was my turn, I made this little mochi for my children, I just wish they could enjoy it and won’t let the recipe left for somewhere. Actually I really missed my mum deeply.

In nowadays, people liked to create lots of different recipes, they changed the coating, filling, and even the dough. Some of them added the matcha powder or sweet potato or mango puree, lots and lots to make the dough. And the filling, most common are  used the red bean paste, mango, crushed peanut with sugar and sesame seeds.  And today, I want to back to the original, so you can take the basic recipe and create your personal mochi!

Original/Plain  Mochi  ( 麻糬 )

Original / Plain  Mochi

Original / Plain Mochi


For the mochi dough:

  •   125g Sweet glutinous rice flour  糯米粉
  •   130g Water
  •   1 1/2 tbsp White sugar

For the coating : 

  •   1: Roasted ( almond, peanut, black sesame seeds or white sesame seeds or bit of everything,  all mixed up ), crushed + sugar.
  •   2: Matcha powder 綠茶粉 + sugar
  •   3: Roasted soya flour + sugar
  •   4: Roasted Black sesame seeds, crushed + sugar
Original / Plain  Mochi   ( 麻糬 )

Original / Plain Mochi
( 麻糬 )


  1. For the mochi dough by mixing all ingredients together into a dough like, put on a well greased plate and cook on a steamer over high heat for about 20 minutes, let it cool down for about 15 minutes for easier to handle.
  2. Choose any one of the coating, roasted them ( if it stated ), then crushed it but not like powder. ( I wish you can understand it ). Put onto a plate.
  3. When the mochi dough was just cool down to handle, use a kitchen scissor to cut into small pieces, then drop into the coating plate, then, it can serve now.
  4. It is best to serve warm, if the dough getting cold, it is not easy to stick on the nuts and sugar, put it back to steam for another couple of minutes, it will easy to coat the nuts or flour again.
Original / Plain  Mochi

Original / Plain Mochi


  • I just got an idea, can the mochi coat into melted chocolate? Mmm, I think it will be nice, maybe you can try it and tell me how is the result, I’m look forward to make the other batch again.
  • The quantity of sugar was not too sweet, but if you have sweet tooth, add to 2 tbsp or more if you like.

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