Pineapple cake II ~ 鳳梨酥

Pineapple cake II ~ Vegetarian 鳳梨酥

Pineapple cake  ~ 鳳梨酥

Pineapple cake ~ 鳳梨酥

This is the second time that I made this cake again.

I think people go to some where for holiday, they must search some information about there, such as : where are the famous places to explore or visit; what are the popular food to try; what kind of the souvenir will buy; which restaurant are the best or  money worth, blah blah (blah), all sort of things to look for. Did you get this experience before? That will take a lots of time to  do the research, rigtht?

So, here I will tell you if you’re planning to go to Taiwan soon or later, I’ll give you some tips here. This pineapple cakes that I will show you how to make it below, are one of the most popular and nearly everyone will buy at least one pack or more to bring back for their family or friends.

In Taiwanese wedding custom, the wedding cake got to have six different flavours, the pineapple cake is one of them. And pineapple is also commonly used in Taiwanese worship tribute. And pineapple’s  pronunciation is called “wang”, as the meaning of a symbol of more children will bring soon or deeply loved the people. In the early days, pineapple cakes are so big, most people can’t afford that. A hundred years ago, a pastry chef made his own cake to sell, he made “dragon cake” and the “phoenix cake” . Those cakes are considered to be for engagment or wedding party couldn’t without them. The “dragon cake” are stuffed with meat filling, and the “phoenix cake” are wrapped with pineapple, but they are far too big size, so the pastry chef decided to make them to be a smaller size, that’s the “pineapple cake” was born. In the olden days, “pineapple cake” fillings are not only pineapple, they included the “candied witner melon” as well.

And here has more information to see.

Pineapple cake  ~ 鳳梨酥

Pineapple cake ~ 鳳梨酥

In nowadays, nearly all the bakery  in Taiwan will have their own specialised or signature  “pineapple cake” to sell. But you need to ask them if they’re suitable for vegetarian or not, because some bakery still like to use lard to make their own pastry for more crispy.

And I’ve been there for few times, I liked to go to this bakery shop, called “Chia te” Bakery. They do the vegetarian cakes and has lots or different fillings, they all freshly baked there, sometimes they’re still hot that you can tell.

I loved to go to Taiwan, they have so many good food and cakes there. Mmm so yummy, I miss them and I still want to go again.

Pineapple cake II ~ 鳳梨酥


For the pastry:            ( can make 40  cakes, about 5cm x 5cm each )

  •   280g Butter, cubed ,  (room temperature)
  •   90g Icing sugar, sifted
  •   1 1/2 eggs, beaten
  •   90g Semi-skimmed milk powder
  •   450g Self-rasising flour
  •   3 tbsp Vegetarian cheese powder

For the filling:  Click into this post to see how to prepare the pineapple paste that I made it  before.

Pineapple cake  ~ 鳳梨酥

Pineapple cake ~ 鳳梨酥


  1. Sieved the flour, milk powder and the icing sugar into a large mixing bowl, rubbed into the cubed butter like breadcrumbs, add the eggs,  and cheese powder, used hand to combine all into a dough, wrap into a piece of cling film and chill an hour or overnight.
  2. The filling should be kept in the fridge as well.
  3. The pastry should be took out from the fridge and sit in the room temperature for two hours before use.
  4. Weight the pastry first and decide how many you want to make, because I used the baking mould was specialized for this cake. And the pastry need to be thin, so I decided to make 40 pieces, it means that the pastry will be around 26g each.
  5. Preheat the oven to 350°F/180°C/160°C (fan oven), or gas mark 4.
  6. So, roll out each pastry for about 2 to 3mm and wrap around one of the filling, press down into the mould and arrange on the baking tray, remember don’t take away the mould, it got to be bake with the mould on to keep the shape.
  7. Or, you can use other baking mould if you can’t get this specialize cake mould. Also, you can click into my first pineapple cake post, that will give you some idea, I cut out two slices of pastry by using  a cookie cutter and sandwich with the pineapple paste.
  8. Bake into the preheat oven, middle shelf for about 20 and 25 minutes, until the top and bottom are golden brown.


  • Better eat it freshly bake of course, but if the pastry get a bit softer, put it back into the preheat oven for few minutes, the pastry will get back to crispy.
  • You can reduce the quantity to make, I need to make a lots because so many friends ask for it.

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