A Trip to Paris

A Trip to Paris

What a early morning to set off to Paris, because we took the coach trip that’s why! It took more than twelve hours to arrive there.

The coach picked up us from our local town at 6:30 a.m. and started the journey to Dover, but when we arrived to Dover to catch the ferry, we missed the ferry and wait for another one in around two hours later, such two long to wait, but luckily, the weather was so good, we sat outside the harbour, looked up to see the beautiful white cliff of Dover and the blue sky all around us, sometimes watched the seagulls flying over our head or walking on the street to find something to eat.

When we reached to Calais France, the time was 6:00 pm, the weather still so bright and warm, but still had 4 hours to arrive Paris, such a long journey. But luckily, our driver and guild are so nice and friendly, they always let us to have a break between it, so we can have a little walk around to stretch our legs, and had a cup of tea or coffee sometimes.

When we arrived to our hotel, it was 10:00 pm already, it was dark already. But the guild was booked the restaurant already, so we could have a meal there and back to our room to wash and rest.

Although it was a long journey, but we’re so pleased to be there and look forward for the next day.


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