A Trip to Paris ~ day 2, Palace of Versailles 凡爾賽宮

A Trip to Paris ~ day 2,  Palace of Versailles 凡爾賽宮

Wow, when we woke up in the morning, the sun shinning through the window already, it was 25°C at that moment, but the weather forecast said it would shoot up to 30°C today.

Yay! Got up and wash, ready for today’s journey, go go go!

Down to the hotel’s restaurant for the morning breakfast, we saw lots of our tour’s friends, yeah, we’re friends already, they’re such really nice people! 🙂

After the breakfast, we’re started off to the Palace of Versailles for today. Firstly, the tour guild told us we could choose which one to go for today, one was the palace, the other choice was one of the open market, but we managed to visit both at last. 🙂

When we arrived to the Palace, the time was 11:00 am , the guild told us we need to come back to the coach at about 3:30 pm, so, that was plenty of time for us to walk and explore.

Nearly forgot to say, the Palace Versailles  that appeared in front of the square, was a very grand building, couldn’t find any words to describe it until you see it by yourself.

But when we got down to the palace, OMG, there was a long long long ….. quene, lined up there by the ticket box already, I could tell you that we couldn’t find the quene’s end, If you had been there, I could tell you the quene nearly cover 2/3 of the square. Oh dear, what could we do now? If we joined the quene just for inside the palace, possibly we won’t have time to see the Palace’s garden nor the market neither.

So, we decided to go for the garden only and chose not to visit the inside of the Palace.

Wow 😮 , when we walked into the garden, that was a spectacular  scenery in front of us, the garden was massive, long and deep, you couldn’t see the end of the garden. Both sides have a neat row of mature trees there, different large or small fountains over the middle, statues everywhere. And we’re so lucky, it was the time for the musical of the fountain show, hugh water jet out from the opening and followed the music to dance, fantastic show. I think it will be different feeling if the show in the night time with all the lighting shinning through the water, that’s what I imagined later.

By the both sides, I overlooked from the top of the garden, I could see the hugh maze over there, the hedges were so tall, I chose better not to step inside the maze, because I’m the one : blind of direction, probably I would lost inside forever.

Then we walked down to the largest fountain, there were lots of different statues line up on both sides and more intertesting sculptures.

We spent a lots of time to walked around and tried to see everything, I liked the statues, the trees,  the fountains, and still got lots …………….But  honestly of course we couldn’t fill up our greedy, we need to choose if we want to go to the open market, we should stop now and get out. We took few minutes to discuss, then we decided to go to the open market to see what was it about, because we haven’t been to the France market, and not many market open on sunday, so we decided to have a go and browse around.

I thought we made a good decision afterwards, the market was a mainly a food market just not far from the Palace. Just walked through the left side of the Palace, pasted the lined of cafe, restaurants and turn left again, walked straight down to see the church and turn right, that was the open market there.

The market was the biggest market in Paris, but very comfort to browse around. I saw lots of fresh grocery like massive size bright red tomatoes,  different colour bell pepper, red and green chillies, large  yellowish courgettes, pumpkin like red tomatoes I mean the shape but the size just like our fist, lots of different variety of salad leaves that I haven’t seen it before in England,

And the fresh fruits even more to choose, they’re quite larger size than in England, the orange red nectarine, the pinkish peach, flat shape peach, mangoes, cherries, pineapples, they are such so tempting and inviting, you won’t resist to bite them, that was me. So I got a big bag of large nectarines on my hands at the end, it costed about 3.50 euro for more than 2 kg. I felt so happy and satisfied! 🙂

And there, had one stall selling the rustic french bread, I just rushed towards to the front of the stall, I nearlly end up of another bag of bread, but my hubby asked me can I eat that all, ok, maybe ??? so I decided not to buy it and walked away.  😦   I missed them!

I saw another stall sell the special herbs with natural sea salt, this time I bought few , one of them was called ‘SEL FOU’ for my kids, they loved spicy and they’re a good cook as well, those cost about 10 euro for 4 bags, although they were a bit expensive to me, but for the kids, they worth it!   🙂

And one of the stall sell some summer accessories, like hat, beach basket, sunglasses, etc… I like the beach basket but they’re far too big for me. Later I found out that some of our friends had bought those basket, they looked good for them.

After browsing around,  so we started to walk back to the coach park and still got plenty of time, so we decided to sit outside one of the cafe and have a cup of coffee for me and cup of hot chocolate for my hubby, and we liked to share one of the famous French crepe, I loved the coffee and so did my hubby’s hot chocolate, but the crepe was not so special for my expectation I think my kids made better than it lol.

Time to go back to the hotel for a rest then went out again in the evening to the famous Moulin Rouge, but we’re too tired, so we didn’t go and because we’ve been before. We stayed in hotel and walked around the local. Surprisingly, we found one of the supermarket called ‘Carrefour’ not far from the hotel. Although that was not too big and not much things to buy, we only bought some water cause they’re more cheaper than the hotel.

So, that was the second day of our France trip, and we’re enjoying the juicy nectarine in the hotel. Mmm… yummy, yummy, juicy, juicy!  🙂


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