A Trip to Paris ~ Day 3 Tour to City Centre Part II

A Trip to Paris ~ Day 3 Tour to City Centre Part II

Ok, don’t be that lazy! I told myself secretly, four days after we’ve been back from Paris already, got enough rest now, don’t make any more excuse! Yesterday, I told you all about the city sightseeing but only the first part, still had lots to say… When the French tour guild took us to the Jardin du Luxembourg garden. The gardens were laid out in Italian style on request of Marie de’ Medici. She was of Italian descent and had spent her youth in Florence at the Pitti Palace. The Boboli garden at this palace was the inspiration for the Jardin du Luxembourg.  In 1794, during the French Revolution, the palace served as a prison. It also served as the headquarters of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. The building currently houses the French Senate. When the coach drove along the front of Centre Georges Pompidou, we couldn’t get the chance to stop there by the side of the road, such too many tourist there, it is a fantastic building and design. Next time, I must take the time to look inside. Then, we passed the Opéra de Paris Garnier. The opulent Opéra de Paris Garnier was designed by Charles Garnier for Emperor Napoleon III. The construction of the opera building started in 1862, but it wasn’t completed until 1875, partly because an underground lake was discovered during construction. The small lake still exists under the opera building. It was the hiding place of the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in Paul Leroux’s famous play, of course we won’t have the time to have a look! This place is now mainly used for ballet performances. It was also officially renamed ‘Palais Opera’. And we passed along all the famous designer’s shop with all the expensive and famous brands are all there, Such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Y.S.L. , Salvatore Ferragamo,.. you name it, you’ll find it there! I think lots of people can’t resist here. One of the famous shopping centre is the Galeries Lafayette. The 9th floor of the main store has a terrace with great views over Paris. And like the Lafayette, it has a magnificent glass dome in Art Nouveau style. Inside there, have all the famous designer shops and different restaruants. You could spent a whole day there to shop around, be aware that your credit card limit!   If I have the chance to walk inside ( just walk I meant, not shopping ), I think I must lost in somewhere in the first half hour already. Can you remember that I have no idea of  direction. Then we passed the Place Vendôme. The column is situated in the center of the square:  Place Louis le Grand (Louis the Great Square) was erected by Napoleon as the Colonne d’Austerlitz. The height of this column is  44 meter tall column (144 ft). And the very expensive Hotel Ritz and Hotel Vendôme are also located on the square. Can you see all the buildings in Paris are spectacular , full of history and character, beautiful! After the Place Vendôme, we drove through the most narrowest arch ( the French guild told us ), then we’re in front of the  world’s most famous museum called: Louvre is a must-visit for anyone with a slight interest in art. Some of the museum’s most celebrated works of art include the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo. The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and most important museums in the world. It is housed in the expansive Louvre Palace, situated in the 1st arrondissement, at the heart of Paris. When the coach drove along the River of Seine 塞納河, we saw lots of artist’s little hut along the road, and some of them did the stretch portraits for the tourtist, they’re chatting and laughing, seems so enjoyable the scenery and the atmosphere, then we saw the  Musée de l’Armée p3 2883, the art museum Musée d’Orsay , the famous Notre Dame cathedrals, and of course included the world famous Eiffel Tower. Although I had been here before, actually this was the third time I’ve been here.  It still so extraordinary to me! The contruction was remarable and I had a word in my mind : fascinating! How could the people built it from the old days? We spent a lots of the time walk around Eiffel Tower, I couldn’t say explore this time, because I had been here and explored lots of place. But I can tell you what, I still have lots of places that I haven’t seen before. You just couldn’t see all  between few hours, honestly you can’t! Lots and lots and lots tourist waiting to buy the ticket to go up to the top of the tower, some people waited behind the quene to walk up the stairs from ground floor to the second flour. Although there had four entrances to line the quene, but still so many people waited over there. So, we had to give up our plan that we set up before, ( walk up the stairs from the ground to the second floor and take the lift to the top , will get  a good view from the top), but how can we? Such  a never ending quene, not only one but four. 😦 Ok, when we decided not to wait, so we walked over the lawn just the front of the Eiffel Tower, and we had our light pack lunch that’s we prepared from our hotel, after the lunch, we treated us with a nice gelato ice cream, mine was pistachio gelato, it just so good for this hot weather, 30°C ! We took a lots of photos here, I think the other people were the same. You could see people having lots of idea to hold or catch the tower, I meant the posture that they made. You sit by the bench and watch the people, it was fun and enjoyable. Sometimes we turned to be a part-time photographer for them, we loved to help them. People are so friendly! 🙂 Later, we walked up to the square, called ‘the Theatre National de Chaillot‘,  and there had lots of statues on both sides, so beautiful. We saw few pairs of bride and groom taking wedding photos in the square, but I thought it was too many people there, (you couldn’t feel relax and enjoy it and the weather was so hot for them, but it was only my feeling).  And we saw some tourist making funny posture for their photos, I think they all had a good time and really enjoyable. And I was so enjoyable to watch them. When we sat on the kerb next to the statues, two tourists came and sat down next to us, you know what I saw, they both holding a cake on their hands, you could tell the cake was really well made by some of the good pâtisserie. I just couln’t stop myself to ask them where did they bought it from, they pointed out the street. Then we just hadn’t hesitate a second and run straight towards where they pointed out for us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it because what they pointed out, it was so many small street, we hadn’t ask clearly which one. We did try to search quite a few but still hadn’t got any sight of pâtisserie there, OH, never mind! Maybe somewhere later I could find one. The third day still haven’t finished yet. Tomorrow I will tell you all what happened later!



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