1st Birthday Today

1st Birthday today! 

Hello, all!  Today is my baby’s (my blog ) birthday!

Any celebration, not really!  Just want to say today is my blog’s one year birthday! 🙂

I just couldn’t believe it, my blog was one year old already since  16th August, 2012.

it was a whole year, totally 365 days, what have I done in this blog? What have I gain from this blog?

I always kept asking myself: I’m not a good writer, I knew that  my education was not good enough, it must be so hard for you all to read this blog.

I felt so sorry for you all  to be so patient to read my blog!  ( wish I haven’t make any big mistake )

During the whole year, I did try my best to write down  my favourite recipes, and meanwhile, I did  create some new recipes as well.

Have I got failed sometimes?  Of course I had, but I learned from the fail, those are the good experience for me. I really enjoy the process.

But the largest haverest was, I gained a lot of not only the  friendship from the blogger, and I learned a lot from their cooking, baking, writing, photography,  even gardening, etc…

And the main is I got more confidence now, compared to the beginning ( I mean 16th August, 2012 ), I was so worry and nervous!  I felt so worry that will it be nobody like this blog?

But today,  I did built up more confidence from all the people, every time they hit the ‘like’ button for me. This has encouraged me to do better and better.

So, from today’s special day for me, I like to say a big thank you to all of you, thanks for all your support, yay !  🙂

I promise you all, I will try my best!


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