A Trip to Paris ~ Day 5 (Home Sweet Home)

A Trip to Paris ~ Day 5   (Home Sweet Home)

Hi all, can you believe it !  What?

It has been rain from last night or maybe early morning,  The sky was all dark grey, the rain was getting heavier and heavier… 😦

We’re not really care, because we’ll go home today!  But I felt very sorry for the tourists that they stay behind or just started.

Looked at the sky there when we’re on the journey to head back home, heavy rain!

It took four hours to arrive the ferry port: Calais ! Some of us jumped down to rush to the duty-free to grab their favourite spirits, but I couldn’t drink, I went to the chocolate factory just next to the spirits shop. Because chocolate was my favourite, so I bought few  for my kids and some for my dessert’s ingredients. It was a good quality Belgium chocolate, not too expensive though! But why wasn’t the French chocolate but the Belgium, I really didn’t know!

We passed the customs check, then waited for the ferry and the time was 3:40 pm, we’re leaving now and back to our sweety home.

Tell you what , the rain had stopped and the weather was getting bright again. I felt deeply appreciate for the good weather for our whole holiday in Paris !

When we arrived to Dover port, the weather was beautifully sunny there, and the time was 5:00 pm, ( 6:00 pm in Paris ),  we started to straight back  home.

On the way home ( four hours on coach ), I kept watching the sunset all the way to dark when we arrived to our home, incredibly beautiful !

When we arrived to our home, the time was 10:00 pm already, so tired for the long coach journey.

I liked  to say thank you to our coach driver and the tour guild, they’re so friendly and helpful, and all other friends, they made up this happy journey.

After this whole trip to Paris:

*  Something I won’t forget  was the Champs-Elysées, the views, the trees and the cafe, restaurant on both sides, also I loved the style, the detail of all the buildings, they’re full of art and history. Especially weeks ago, have you watched the Tour de France in Paris, when the cyclists rode around The Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysées, I got a really good feeling there when I stood on the avenue  of The Arc de Triomphe! 

*  And I won’t forget the Eiffel Tower light show, it’s so  spectacular and impressive,  so enjoyable!


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