White Lotus seeds Paste for Mooncake

White Lotus seeds Paste for Mooncake

White Lotus Paste for Mooncake Filling

White Lotus Paste for Mooncake Filling

Blink! Blink! It is the time to prepare the ingredients for ‘ Mid-Autumn Festival‘.

How the time flies so quick!  It haven’t left any trace for us to catch!

Honestly, it is quite scary!

People always said : when you  get older, you will like the traditional food more, I think it is true1 I found out that I like to cook more traditional food or search more long lost recipes from my old time, so you can tell how old I am, hahaha.

O.K. back to the business, let’s talk about today’s topic. Last year, I made the Adzuki bean/ red bean paste and the mung bean/ green bean paste already. This year I like to make something difference. So, if you like to make the red bean paste or green bean paste, click in the link to find out the recipe and all the steps, that’s show you how to make them.

Normally, the ready-made lotus seeds paste are far too sweet and  expensive for me, no matter the brown or white one. I can’t afford it, so better to search the way to make by myself. The main ingredient is the lotus seeds of course, the dry one is not that expensive, I asked my sis to buy me some. So, I can start to work now.

It need a bit of arm work out, I got so tired after finished all the hard work. The good point to making your own paste are :  less sugar, less fat, but more smoother and cost less as well. Worth it!

White Lotus Paste for Mooncake Filling

White Lotus Paste for Mooncake Filling

White Lotus seeds Paste for Mooncake


  • 250g Dried lotus seeds
  • 200g Raw sugar or brown sugar
  • 135g Vegetable oil


  1. Wash the lotus seeds with water, soak into clean water for overnight until soft.
  2. The lotus seed’s middle has a piece of green bit, remember to discard it. Put the cleaned lotus seeds into a large sauce pan or pressure cooker, pour water in to cover the seeds, turn the heat on and cook until the seeds soft to mash. If you use the pressure cooker, the cooking time will be about half hour, so do check the seeds during the cooking time if you use the normal saucepan.
  3. Let the seeds cool down for about 15 minutes but still warm, pour the seeds into a blender or food processor, whisk until smooth and look like paste.
  4. Prepare a large wok over medium heat, put a tablespoon of oil in, and come with the sugar and paste,  keep stirring until the sugar melt and the paste start to boil, turn the heat to low and keep cooking and stirring, add the oil into the cooking paste a little bit at a time,  make sure to stir the paste with the oil into well coroporate between the oil to add in.
  5. Cook and stir the paste until thicken, turn off the heat, let it cool down and chill it for the mooncake filling.
  6. If not for the next two days to make the mooncake, store in an airtight container, keep into the freezer. Make sure to defrost completely before use.
White Lotus Paste for Mooncake Filling

White Lotus Paste for Mooncake Filling


  • It will be better to use pressure cooker to cook the lotus seeds or beans, but if you don’t have one like me, use the saucepan will be fine, but keep an eye on it during the cooking, when it get boil, the liquid will spillover the stove, so take care of it.
  • Making the seeds paste by yourself, it is a arm aching job and the time as well, or you can buy the lotus seeds paste from Asian supermarket, they have the fresh one or the canned one to choose, but they must be so sweet, I tried it before. That’s why I like to make it by myself, and it also worth it.  🙂

4 thoughts on “White Lotus seeds Paste for Mooncake

  1. Thanks for the recipe. I LOVE mooncake but we cannot find it anywhere in Illinois. So, I am going to make some. I’ve ordered the molds and am now looking for the fillings (or ingredients). Hopefully, the International Grocery store in Carbondale, IL will have it. Best regards. John.

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