Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-Made Golden Syrup ~ 蕃薯軟餅

Sweet Potato Pancake  with Home-Made Golden Syrup ~ 蕃薯軟餅

Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-made Golden Syrup

Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-made Golden Syrup

One of my kids always ask me to make this pancake for them, of course I love to make them happy, it is my  preasure!

Sweet potato appears in our kitchen all  year round, we love it so much. We can make it into ‘tong sui‘ literally translated as “sugar water” 糖水.  Sometimes, my family bake the oven chips but  I prefer to take one or two sweet potato and  wrap with foil and bake in the oven like the baked  jacket potato.

Sweet Potato are healthier than the potato, even the nutritionist said so!  It provides 400% for your daily requirement of Vitamin A.  They also have more Vitamin C, fewer calories, more fibre and fewer total carbs than the normal white potatoes, despite more sugar.

The above information are came from here.

And I made my own golden syrup few days ago. But I burnt my golden syrup for the first time! 😦  WHY?  Because I couldn’t control the cooking time wisely. And now, I will tell you all my experience, I wish you won’t get the result as me,  it probably won’t happen!  🙂 When the sugar syrup was cooking and it start to thicken, I couldn’t judge when can I turn off the heat and let the syrup stay over the heat for few minutes longer, but I was wrong, the syrup got burn at last. It need to throw away, and I felt so sorry about it. But I really want to try again, so I cook over again, and this time, I won’t take any risk, only stayed next to it all the cooking time. When the syrup started to thicken, and wait for another one minute, the colour changed to be a bit darker, ( I mean slightly darker ), off the heat straight away and moved the pan to somewhere and let it cool down in the room temperature. Don’t worry about the syrup still a bit runny when you turn off the heat, because when the syrup got cold completely, it will get thicker.

A little bit reminder : If the syrup are too thick to use, you can add a little bit hot water and blend well combined. Otherwise, if the syrup are too thin, put it back to the heat and cook for another one or two minutes to get more thicker.  Remember don’t let the syrup get burn!

It is better to make the golden syrup few days advance, it will get more flavor.

Sweet Potato Pancake  with Home-Made Golden Syrup ~ 蕃薯軟餅

For the Golden Syrup

  • 100g Water
  • 200g Sugar
  • 25g Fresh Lemon Juice

For the Pancake Ingredient: 

  • 380g Cooked Sweet Potato
  • 75g Raw sugar
  • 150g Sweet Glutinous Flour
  • 50g Plain flour         ( or use the gluten-free flour )
  • Toasted Sesame seeds for topping  ( optional )
Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-made Golden Syrup

Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-made Golden Syrup


For the golden syrup:

  1. Put the sugar and water into a stainless steel saucepan, slightly swirl around the pan to let the ingredients mix together and place on a medium heat. Let the sugar melt and get boil,  then add the lemon juice into the syrup, wait for it to boil again, lower the heat to small, remember don’t try to stir the syrup all the way along. Continue to cook over low heat until the temperature reach to 225°F/ 110°C.
  2. Better to stand next by the stove and wait for the syrup get thicker and let the colour change to darker, off heat and move to other place to let it cool down and keep in a clean and dry glass jar for later to use.

For the Pancake: 

  1. Peeled the sweet potato and cut into cubes, steam on a high heat until cooked. Mashed it to puree like. 
  2. Add sugar, glutinous flour and plain flour, use spatular to mix the dough until all well combined.
  3. It can wrap into a piece of cling film and chill in the fridge for later to use.
  4. Or you can make the pancake straight away, use the cling film to roll the sweet potato dough into a long roll, cut into small cube, the size is up to you, use your palm to press the cube flat and slightly press down few toasted sesame seeds on both sides, I forgot to make this step and I just found out after I finished the frying. 😛
  5. Pour a little bit of oil in the frying pan, fry the sweet potato pancake for few minutes and flip over to fry the other side for another 1 or 2 minutes, done.
  6. Serve with the home-made golden syrup and  a cup of green tea!  Mmm, YUM!
Mashed sweet potato with flour

Mashed sweet potato with flour

Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-made golden syrup

Sweet Potato Pancake with Home-made golden syrup


  •  When you cook the golden syrup, try not to walk away, better to keep an eye on it all the time. Remember the syrup are extremely hot when it is boiling, don’t try to touch it! 
  • When it finish all the cooking step and let it cool, don’t keep it on the same hot stove, because the heat will let it keep cooking, and the syrup will get thicker or maybe get hard when it turn cold.
  • Keep the jar of  golden syrup in the room temperature, it will last for about 1/2 to a year, but I won’t make it too much for myself.
  • If you’re allergic to gluten, use gluten-free flour instead of the normal flour, or add the flour amount to all  the sweet glutinous flour, that’s is fine, and the pancake will get more softer.
  • Use two pieces of cling film to roll out the little cube into pancake will be less mess.

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