Papaya Almond Milk Pudding ~ (木瓜杏仁奶布丁)

Papaya Almond Milk Pudding ~ Vegan Friendly  ~  (木瓜杏仁奶布丁)

Do you like papaya? Oh firstly , I need to make sure you know what is it ? Never mind if you don’t know what is it, the picture here will tell you …

Tropical Fruit: Papaya

Tropical Fruit: Papaya

This tropical fruit is so popular like mango or  bananas in South-East Asia or Asia area, but the variety in England was a bit difference, they’re not good as the Asia papaya, they’re smaller in size, less in flavour. But mix up with other ingredients for dessert, that’s will be fine.

Tropical fruit: Papaya

Tropical fruit: Papaya

But we can find the Asia variety papaya in the Asian supermarket, the size of this is bigger, longer. In Thailand, there have ‘green papaya’, they make the ‘green papaya salad’,  also known as “som tam” ,  is popular the world over. I tried it before when we had a holiday there, the salad was mixed up with lots of different ingredients and with a wonderful salad dressing, so juice and full of flavour appetizers. But we can’t find this green papaya in England.


The above picture is taken from here,  the nutritions of papaya are perfectly good for skin and used for many beauty companies, It helps our digestion, stomach pain; it heals wounds and prevent blood clots, control bowel movements, also has anti-cancer properties; protect the heart and they re known to be natural medicine. Believe it or not, Asian like to cook the fresh papaya with milk, it is good for breastfeeding mum.

I remembered that my hubby’s grandma had few papaya trees in her garden, they’re so juicy and full of good flavour, we always pick from the tree, cut it out and spoon the flesh to eat, so fresh!  I missed them a lot.

Better than none, we still can buy the Asia variety here, of course I can’t compare with what I have before in our grandma’s fresh one.

This dessert is good for our glowing skin,  also vegan friendly as well, simply  substitute with nut milk instead with the dairy milk; use banana to thicken the milk instead of the eggs. Simple to make and full of goodies.

Papaya Almond Milk Pudding

Papaya Almond Milk Pudding

Papaya Almond Milk Pudding ~ Vegan Friendly (木瓜杏仁奶布丁)


  • 1 Small Papaya, peeled
  • 250ml Almond Milk     ( or semi-skimmed milk )
  • 1 Banana, mashed     ( only for vegan,  choose ripened one,  got small black dots on the skin  )
  • 1 Egg, beaten       ( only for non-vegan, but skip the banana )
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Honey   ( only for non-vegan )
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • Pinch of Roasted almond flakes
Papaya Almond milk pudding

Papaya Almond milk pudding


  1. Peeled and discard the seeds from the papaya, cut into cubes, place in the food processor, whisk until smooth like batter, test the taste first, if not sweet enough just add a teaspoon of raw sugar (one teaspoon at a time) or honey. Reserve one  tablespoon for topping.  Equally spoon the rest into the bottom of two prepared  serving glasses.
  2. Warm the milk but not boil, add the mashed banana and mix well, cook until  the milk get thicken, add salt and stir well. For non-vegan, warm the milk first but not boil, add the honey and salt, stir well, then add the beaten egg  and keep stirring until the milk start to thicken, off heat. Remember don’t let the milk cook too long, otherwise, the milk will get curdle.
  3. Pour the warm milk into the two serving glass, spoon half of the reserved papaya puree on top and sprinkle with the roasted almond flakes.


  • Add the banana into the milk, only for thicken. If you don’t like banana, use apple sauce or soft silken tofu instead, do test the taste to adjust the sweetness to reach your liking.
  • Some people like to add some kind of mochi into the milk mixture, any kind of mochi will do, if you want to know how to make mochi, click into my previous post to get the detail.

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