Thanks for the Dragons-loyalty-Award & Blog of The Year 2013 Award 3 stars ☆ ☆ ☆ in Dec, 2013

Thanks for the Dragons-loyalty-Award & Blog of The Year 2013 Award 3 stars ☆ ☆ ☆ Dec, 2013

It is a great surprise for me today. This surprise was given by one of my favourite blogger Fae, from Fae’s Twist & Tango, she is a great story-teller and with a food blog full of wonderful recipes and all her travel experience to share with us!


The instructions for Blog of The Year 2013 Award are simple:
1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2013’ Award
2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.
3 Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them – (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)
4 Come over and say hello to the originator of the ‘Blog of the Year 2013’ Award via this link –
5 You can now also join the ‘Blog of the Year’ Award Facebook page – click the link here and share your blog posts with an even wider audience.
6 And as a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog … and start collecting stars…

I nominate the following bloggers for the Blog of The Year 2013 Award,  3 stars ☆ ☆ ☆’.  Congratulation!

  •  Abby from , she is a lovely lady, in her blog she creates lots of beautiful and healthy vegan recipes, and the knowledge about vegan.
  • Mydearbakes, I love all her 3D cakes, so beautiful and creative but not too complicate.
  • Katie from Chocolate Covered Katie, I got the same passion with her, it is the chocolate, I love chocolate all the time.
  • Vegan Flavorista, she got the same taste of food that I like, simple and easy.
  • Soulofspice, a vegetarian Indian food blog, I like her homely cooking.


Dragon Loyalty Award

The rules for Dragon’s Loyalty Award are:

1   Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2   Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.
3  You must share  7  things other bloggers may not know about you.
4   Nominate up to  15  bloggers for Dragon’s Loyalty Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
5   Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog.

I nominate the following bloggers for the ‘ Dragon’s Loyalty Award’. Congratulation! 

7  random things about me:

  1. I like to cook but I am not good at cutting and chopping.
  2. I still can’t bake a nice macaroon.
  3. I can ride a bike but I am so scare to ride on the street.
  4. Usually girl plays doll in their childhood, but I haven’t got one in my childhood because our family couldn’t afford it.
  5. My eyesight has 250 difference between them.
  6. I prefer cold weather than the tropical weather, if you want me to choose.
  7. Tell you a secret about me, I lost a few teeth when I was little.


7 thoughts on “Thanks for the Dragons-loyalty-Award & Blog of The Year 2013 Award 3 stars ☆ ☆ ☆ in Dec, 2013

  1. Thank you, Matchamochimoo!! I appreciate your nomination greatly! Blog of The Year 2013 is an awesome way to wrap up the year! Thanks again for thinking of me and congratulations on all your awards too. Keep on! Cheers!! 😀

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