Review My 2013

Review My 2013

Omg!  It’s hard to believe that nearly the end of 2013 already ~ only 1 day remaining!  Why is the time flying too fast and without any trace !!

I got few things that hit my heart deeply.

~ Nelson Mandela who died of 95,  (July 18, 1918 — Dec. 5, 2013).  He was South Africa’s first black president, anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist who changed the face of his country for ever.

In 1962 he was convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the state and was jailed for 27 years before an international campaign helped to secure his release. He received more than 250 honours, including the Nobel peace prize.

In South Africa he was known as the father of the nation and was laid to rest in his home village after his death on December 5.

~ Lady Margaret Thatcher who died of 87, (Oct. 13, 1925 —April 8, 2013)

Britain’s only female Prime Minister who will be remembered for smashing the miners, leading Britain to victory in the Falklands War… and trying to dismantle the welfare state.

She served as PM from 1979 to 1990 and was the first to win three successive General Elections.

Lady Thatcher had been battling dementia and died on April 8 at The Ritz where she had been staying since Christmas.

There still lots we’ll remember them…

Today let’s pay tribute to the famous or influential faces who went in 2013.

But in the whole year 2013, we still have some great news to remember.

~ Our Royal family has one new member:  Prince George, the first child for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was born on July 22 and named Prince George Alexander Louis.
Kate Middleton, Prince William with Prince George

This picture taken from here, by Kate’s father.

Love to share this photo to you,  it’s warming up your spirit.

Apart from all, I like to say thank you to all my new friends from this blog.

They’re:   Fae from Fae’s Twist & Tangoliveblissful, Abby from Abby’s Kitchen, Suzanne from apuginthekitchen Dimple from Dimple@shivaaydelighCeleste from Honk If You’re VeganEclectic LambMiss Marzipanmydearbakes Li Jiun from lijiun  

Still a lot to mention them, I felt so lucky to meet them and learn a lot from them…. 🙂 🙂

Thanks so much to all of you ! 




4 thoughts on “Review My 2013

  1. What a beautiful post Mochi, the years end we think about those that are no longer with us and remember fondly, what a lovely photo of the absolutely adorable little Prince. Mochi, I am so happy to have met you, I love your blog and recipes. You are an inspiration! Happy New Year and I look forward to reading more from you in 2014!

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