Grandma’s Preserved Salted Citrus ~ 醃鹹檸檬,柑橘

Grandma’s Preserved Salted Citrus ~ 醃鹹檸檬,柑橘

Fresh Kumquat

This recipe has been passed out generations and generations until nowadays, it’s still well kept and continues pass on but it is no secret to involve. We like to preserve not only the lemon but  the kumquat 柑橘 or satsuma 桔 too.

Fresh lemon

It may be easy to find in our home’s pantry, or probably have kept few jars stay behind already. The longer preserving time, the darker colour and the more effective they would be. What effective for? Please, keep reading till the end.

Preserved Salted Kumquat

Preserved Salted Lemon

Preserved Salted Lemon & Kumquat

Tell you a secret, I kept few different years of this preserved citus in the corner of my pantry, they have lemons and kumquats, some of them I kept for more than 10 years since then, they all turned to deep brown colour already, lovely! Some of them only preserved for about 4 or 5 years. How can I remember them ? Don’t worry, I labelled it already. 

10 Years Preserved Salted Lemon & 5 years Preserved Salted Kumquat

Many Moroccan and Middle Eastern recipes call for preserved lemons, lemons that have been pickled in salt and their own juices. People add spices to the lemons for preserving – cloves, coriander seeds, peppercorns, cinnamon stick, bay leaf with lemon juice or brine and left to cure for a few weeks. They are also used extensively in Indian and North African cuisine. They used to  preserve lemon undertone common to Tagines and Moroccan salads. These lemons pickled in brine and spices add an intense citrus flavour to their dishes.

10 Years Preserved Salted Lemon

But in our country, we will use in different ways; a  natural remedy/curable  ~ an olden day’s natural medicine to cure the stubborn cough, dry cough or to smooth the sore throat. Even now in the modern days people like a health drink, it’s called salted lemon with soda or sprite/7-up or you can just make up with spring water or sparkling water, slightly crushed the preserved lemon and add few ice cubes. Mmm, I did try it before, absolutely fabulous, I’m so sure to tell you, you will fall in love of this cold drink. Yeah, of course you can add honey in it. 🙂

10 Years Preserved Salted Lemon

5 Years Preserved Salted Kumquat

Or people like to use it in cooking too, but they only use the slightly preserved salted lemon (up to a few months or a year), not the aged one.

In our culture, we love to use natural food, herbs, fruits or plants to make some effective natural remedy for our health. They have a long history. My kids always ask me why mummy likes to make the twigs soup for them, really funny!!!

10 Years Preserved Salted Lemon

Hua Tuo  華陀, he was a great ancient physician and pharmacologist in China, Character of, the Eastern Han Dynasty, He is an outstanding folk doctor. He enrich medical treasure trove of ancient country, made a significant contribution.

10 Years Preserved Salted Lemon

I gave few of them to my friends for gift, they all loved it. (^.^)

Wish you like it! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Grandma’s Preserved Salted Citrus ~ 醃鹹檸檬,柑橘

  1. Fascinating Mochi, 10 years I am amazed, now those are really preserved. I have never had any preserved citrus that has been around that long. It really is delicious and I would love to try that drink.

  2. Ah yes like you said they are very different than mine! But they sound very interesting, particularly the aged ones. Never seen it before, thanks for sharing!

    • Sorry for the late reply. Such so busy between this days. The lemons are remaining mold free all the time. It is absolutely correct. As far as your bottle is sterilizing correctly when you make the preserve lemon. And make sure you put the sea salt cover all the lemons, then put the whole jar in a dark, cool room. Leave it and don’t open the lid until the preserved lemon are ready to serve. I still keep some of them more than 10 years!

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    • Pat, sorry for the late reply. Because I was on holiday before.
      The details about the preserved lemons has no recipes.
      You just need lemons to wash before preserve and dry them with dry kitchen towel or under sunlight.
      Prepare a glass jar, big enough to store all the lemons. Sterilise them first before used. Put layer of salt in the bottom of the jar, a layer of lemons, then repeat this procedure again until all the lemons all in. Then the top layer with more sea salt to cover all the lemons. Keep in the dark store room. That’s all my methods. 🙂

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