Veggi Clay Pot with Yum (芋頭南瓜煲仔飯)

Veggi Clay Pot with Yum    (芋頭南瓜煲仔飯)

It has been a week now since the Chinese New Year, such a happy memory, lots of fun except lots of work and cooking. Worth it! 🙂

After all, I need some of free time to relax. Today, just make something simple and not much to prepare, meanwhile, it is good to finish off all the left over from New Years!

This is one of my favorite meal and always prepare for winter weather: CLAY POT

Veggi Clay pot

Just like the name, it must own a clay pot first, I have my clay pot was more than 20 years old now, I remembered that I bought it from a Japanese store long time ago.

And the other main ingredient is the rice, usually I use the brown basmatic rice, of course the other rice will suffice, (if I can get the wild rice, it will be really good, mix and match with the white basmati rice, it looks beautiful! ). Ok, of course I won’t tell you this recipe is only simply a clay pot and rice,Then comes with the really important sauce: sweet soy sauce, I prefer it is simple, so I just mix up with dark and light soy sauce cooked on the stove and add a little bit brown sugar with few dashes of hot Tabasco sauce , let it simmer until thick. Or if you like spicy, make some spicy barbecue sauce, but anyway you can get any of your favourite sauce, it’s really up to you. I want to tell you that I ate two bowls of the rice with the sweet soy sauce on its own. I know it sounds strange and crazy, but it’s such so yummy and this is definitely my comfy meal in winter.

Ingredients for veggi clay pot

Today, I bought some fresh yum from an Indian grocery, their size are not too big, just like our fist. I haven’t tried it before, that’s why I like to have a go in my clay pot.  And also add some green beans, carrots, butternut squash, dry shiitake mushroom and some button mushrooms.

Veggi Clay Pot

Method: First of all, I used my own way to cook the rice first (boiled the rice from rice cooker) to prevent burning. Set aside.

Next, I cook the yum, butternut squash and green beans by boil them; and stir fry the other ingredients with seasoning, then put the clay pot over the medium heat, add a tablespoon of oil in the pot and put the boiled rice in, arrange all the cooked vegetables over the rice. Cover with lid and turn the heat to small and continue for another 5 minutes more or less. Be cautious: don’t let the rice get burn. Serve with the sauces!


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