Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

I haven’t thought about I can make my own of this traditional snack since my in-law taught me. It is amazing and a yummy snack.

I know in nowadays, people like to use marshmallow or chocolate instead of the sugar to stick the puff rice together, but I still like the old fashion and traditional way to make it, stubborn ah?  😉

One thing I wish to say, our old generation is such so clever, they neither have any recipe nor any measuring scale, but they could do so many things from their eyes, feeling and remembering. Thanks! 🙂

In the old days like my mother-in-law, they only used peanut, puff rice and sugar, not much other ingredients, and people would make their own puffed rice as well. But I think it still has some people likes to make puff rice by their own in nowadays. But my problem is, I do not really like to keep all the left over oil from deep frying afterwards and it is such waste.

Therefore, I use the breakfast cereal: rice crispy instead and add the roasted peanuts and the Japanese seaweed: nori,  that’s the main ingredients.

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

And the most main step is to prepare the syrup until the right temperature, so better to organize a food thermometer on hand to make the task easier. Other tools include the baking pan like the swiss roll tray or use the loaf baking tin, I lined one piece of cling film in the baking tin and oiled it. Meanwhile, roast the peanuts and the black sesame seeds separately in the hot oven or toast it in a frying pan, set aside. And take a few sheets of nori and use kitchen scissors to snip it small pieces. So everything is ready, let’s start now! 🙂

Recipe adapted from here 

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果/米通

Ingredient:            (make 2 loaf tins)

  • 150g Rice Crispy    (gf)
  • 60g Toasted Peanut
  • 20g Toasted Black Sesame Seeds  (optional)
  • 2 sheets Nori, cut into small pieces
  • 60g Sugar syrup or Maltose 麥芽糖
  • 125g Brown sugar
  • 1g Sea salt
  • 60ml Water


  1. Put the water with the Sugar syrup or Maltose 麥芽糖, brown sugar and salt in a large wok over medium heat (don’t stir or disturb it before the sugar melt). 
  2. When the sugar are melts all, put the food thermometer to test the temperature and wait for the temperature reach to 126°C (the original recipe said 136°C, but I tested it 126°C is working as well). Off heat, and add all the remaining ingredients into the sugar syrup and use a wooden spoon to stir and mix until well incorporated.
  3. Pour the mixture into the prepared containers when it is still warm, use the bottom of a spoon press down slightly and evenly.
  4. Slice and serve.

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果


  • Remember to wait for the temperature reach to 126°C when you cook the sugar syrup, and mix with all other ingredients all in one go when the syrup still warm, so well prepare all the ingredients on hand.
  • Lined and greased the loaf tin, will be easier to get the rice crispy bar out from the tin.
  • Keep the crispy bars in an airtight container when they’re still warm to keep it fresh.

5 thoughts on “Rice Crispy with Nori & Peanut Bars ~ 花生海苔米果

  1. You’re reading my thoughts here, right? I’ve always wanted to make a more savory rice crispy treat, and nori is such an excellent way to incorporate that umami edge! My own recipe development got hung up over the inclusion of sugar, but I can see now that a bit of sweetness would help to balance the whole bar nicely; it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal. So smart, so good.

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