Home-Made Almond Milk

Home-Made Almond Milk 

Home-made Almond milk

Can’t believe that is so easy to make nut milk, it only needs nut and water. Actually, it is my first time to make my own almond milk, I was making soy milk before, those are quite similar. I think I won’t buy any almond milk from shop any more.

After I finished making this almond milk, I found out that I can make my own almond meal as well, it is a bonus !

~ Here is what I prepare: I take 150g of raw almond soak into a bowl of water overnight, the almond will puff up its size and turn a bit softer. Then peel the skin off, put into a blender with roughly about 500ml water, turn the power on and blend into milky colour. Remember, if your blender is powerful, this process will be quicker, otherwise, let the engine have a rest between few minutes, it can keep your blender has a longer life. Scoop 1 tablespoon of the milk and the almond pulp  and check that is fine enough to stop, or take a few more minutes to run the engine again, adjust yourself.

~ Prepare one container, lay a fine sieve over it and get hold of a piece of cheesecloth or muslin a bit bigger than the sieve and big enough to gather all sides and strain the nut milk. Pour the almond milk over the cloth and let it drip through the sieve and collect all sides of the cloth and squeeze all the liquid out of the container, that is your almond milk! It can collect for about 680 to 700 ml of milk afterwards.

Collect the almond pulp from the cheesecloth

~  Spread the muslin and place flat on a cookie sheet and let it dry. For how long? It depends on how much your strength to squeeze the pulp, haha. If it is quite dry already, it will be quicker of course!  🙂

~ If you touch the almond pulp is dry enough, use a fork to spread on a lined cookie sheet, put in the warm oven, I preheat my oven to the  lowest temperature, it is about 80°C fan oven. Check after half hour, keep an eye on it, don’t let it go too brown. I forgot to mark down the time that I spent there. Sorry! Check and check again until all of the almond pulp are dry, some of the bigger lumps will turn a bit harder, that’s done!

Dry the Almond pulp

~Take out from the oven and allow it cool down first, pour all into a coffee mill, turn along the power until they grind into fine powder. It will make for about 55g of almond meal, I can tell you, this almond meal is finer than you buy from the shop. Keep in an airtight container for later  use.

Home-made Almond meal/flour

Almond meal/flour


  • This is lactose free and is a good milk alternative for the lactose intolerant.
  • You can make your own almond yogurt as well, you can click on Abby’s blog here, to follow her instruction, she made a clear and detail recipe there.

10 thoughts on “Home-Made Almond Milk

  1. The store-bought stuff can’t compete with homemade almond milk. I really should be less lazy and make it more often! The pulp alone is worth the effort. I love keeping it a bit moist and adding nutritional yeast, rice vinegar, salt and pepper to make almond “ricotta.”

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