Tropical Papaya Smoothie ~ Dairy-Free

Tropical Papaya Smoothie ~ Dairy-Free

Tropical Papaya Smoothie

It is a lovely warm weather in England at this moment, I can see lots of caravan travelling on the motorway in this May Bank holiday. People like to go away during this few days to catch more sunshine as possible.

But we haven’t planned to go anywhere, just stay in the garden to do some gardening and prepare the vegetable patch ready for the summer crops. Hopefully, this summer will have more sunshine and get warmer, so I can have a good harvest later.

Tropical Papaya Smoothie

Tropical Papaya Smoothie

Being in this nice weather, here is what come up in my mind : a refreshing drink for my family when we are relaxing in the backyard to enjoy the breeze and sunshine. Because I bought two small ripened papayas yesterday, so I only add a few more items that always in my fruit bowl, two kiwi fruits, one lemon, few chunky rings of pineapples with some bananas that already freeze well in my freezer all the time.

Tropical Papaya Smoothie

This is what I prepare for the drink: two papayas, two kiwi fruits, few rings of pineapples, all peeled and cut into cube size, also with two tablespoons of lemon juice and three tablespoon of honey, some mint leaves, crushed and dumped into the blender. And I like to put frozen bananas in my smoothie, instead of the ice cubes. Only a minute, we all have a nice and delicious drink together and chat, chat, chat!


  • It is quite a lots of fruits, I need to divide into two portions to blend.
  • Maybe you should attempt to use chilled coconut yogurt instead of the frozen bananas, I think it’ll be really nice as well, try it! 🙂



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