Traditional Chinese Jujube Pudding ~ 傳統中式紅棗糕

Traditional Chinese Jujube Pudding ~ 傳統中式紅棗糕

I became hooked when I saw this little sweeties dessert. Bring back my memory (actually, that’s not long ago), when we have a meal in a Chinese restaurant because it is not a vegetarian restaurant, so I have to choose carefully. Although I have few choices only, but I still appreciate about them. At the end of the meal, they bring us a little plate of dessert for us, that’s not in our order, that is the jujube (Chinese red dates) pudding. I’m not sure it is called pudding, cake, jelly or something else, if you know the name, can you send me the name to me, please!

Because I’m not sure what kind of the setting agent (gelatine) they used, so I’m not departing to accept a risk, but my family said it was so good.  It tickles my curiosity, I want to find out how to make it by searching the recipe when I get back home. That’s why this pudding due today!

The jujube/ Chinese red dates that I used was a very good one, it tastes so sweet (it can eat by its own). And I use the water chestnut starch to set, but if you can’t find it from the Chinese grocery store, you may use the agar instead but I haven’t tested out the quantity.

The texture of this little sweeties, actually not too sweet, has a little bit similar to Turkish delight, but more tender.

Traditional Chinese Jujube Pudding ~ 傳統中式紅棗糕 


  • 100g Chinese Jujube (Red Dates), deseeded   紅棗, 去籽
  • 260ml Water + 100ml Water
  • 50g Water chestnut starch 馬蹄粉
  • 50g Rock Sugar  冰糖 or Raw sugar
  • 5g Oil


  1. Put 260ml of water into a saucepan over medium heat, and bring to the boil; wash and deseeded the red dates, add in the boiling water, simmer for 20 minutes, off heat. Leave in the pot with the lid on.
  2. Sieve the dates and get the 160ml of the liquid, back to the heat and add the rock sugar until the sugar melt.
  3. Mix 100ml water with the water chestnut starch, whisk until the starch dissolves as possible, better to press through a sieve to prevent the lumpy starch.
  4. Pour the water chestnut mixture into the sugar syrup, keep stirring constantly until the consistency starts to turn thicken, off heat.
  5. Pour into an oiled container and steam over high heat for around 30 minutes. The time depends on your container, if your container is bigger than mine, then the pudding will be thinner, and the cooking time will be shorter, so adjust by yourself.

Translate to Chinese:



*  100g  中式紅棗,去核,洗淨
*  260ml  水+ 100ml 水
*  50g  馬蹄粉
*  50g  冰糖或紅糖
*  5g   菜油

*  先將260ml 水煮滾,將洗乾淨,去核的紅棗放入滚水内,細火煮20分鐘,關火。加上蓋子,將紅棗和水一齊焗片刻(大概15至20分鐘).
*  用篩隔去紅棗,取160ml 的紅棗水。將紅棗水放回煲内,放入糖,開中火煮至糖溶。
*   另外取一個碗,将100ml 的水加馬蹄粉攪匀,直至全部馬蹄粉溶入水中,不要留有硬粒。最好用篩隔一隔。
*   然後慢慢將攪拌好的馬蹄粉漿慢慢倒入糖水中,要一邊攪拌,一邊慢慢倒入。要不停的攪匀,直至粉漿煮至開始穠稠,關火。
*   預備一個塗了油的蒸糕盤(不用太高身)。將剛煮好的粉浆倒入糕盤内,掃平,大火蒸約30分鐘至熟。時間要视乎你的紅棗糕的厚度而定,靠你們的廚房經驗了。


3 thoughts on “Traditional Chinese Jujube Pudding ~ 傳統中式紅棗糕

  1. I read the title and immediately thought of the American candy jujube, I see this is not that but maybe it’s where they got the idea for making the candy. It is a gummy fruity very sweet candy. Yours are decidedly healthier and I am sure more delicious.

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