Vegan Fresh Beet Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste ~紅菜頭,黑豆冰皮月餅

Vegan Fresh Beet Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste  ~ 紅菜頭,黑豆冰皮月餅(低糖)

Vegan Fresh Beet Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste  ~ 紅菜頭,黑豆冰皮月餅(低糖)

Recollect, I have produced this kind of mooncake before, like Custard with Snow Skin Mooncake (奶黃冰皮月餅), Four colourful snow skin mooncakePandan, White Bean Paste + Vegan Egg Yolk’ Snow Skin Mooncake     (班蘭豆茸+素蛋黃 冰皮月餅). Some of them are not for vegan, I felt sorry for them afterward. But today, I like to make them smile because it is for you ~ vegan! Wish you like it.

The most popular ingredients for the mooncake filling would be lotus paste, mung bean paste, red bean paste.

But today, I like to choose something different: Black bean. Yes, don’t feel miserable, it is a black bean. I think you all knew how good is the black bean already, so I am not going to explain and make you yawning. And the extra bonus is without bad sugar, I use pitted Medjool dates for the filling, pure stevia sweetener for the pastry, you won’t feel guilty to have one but two.

The snow skin/ pastry, I like to use the beet juice to make it pink look, only I practice a bit more accidentally, it makes them a darker colour. but they’re still lovely, aren’t they? 🙂

Vegan Fresh Beet Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste  ~ 紅菜頭,黑豆冰皮月餅(低糖)

And the next day, I make one more batch for my friends as well, but I like to change the beet juice to 3g matcha powder/ green tea powder. All natural colour, do you like it?

Vegan Matcha Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste ~綠茶,黑豆冰皮月餅 (低糖)

Vegan Fresh Beet Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste ~ 紅菜頭,黑豆冰皮月餅(低糖)


For the snow skin pastry:     (I only make 1/2 portions)

  • 50g Glutinous flour
  • 50g Rice flour
  • 25g Wheat Starch
  • 25g Plain flour
  • 40g – 50g Sugar     (I use 8 pk of Pure stevia)
  • 200 – 250ml Non-dairy milk    (I use coconut milk)
  • 20ml Vegetable oil  (I use 10ml)
  • 1 fresh Beetroot, peeled and chopped


  1. Cook one fresh beet, with some water,  let it simmer for a few minutes and strain the juice. Set aside.
  2. Mix all the ingredients into the batter, pour through a sieve to make it more smoother. Transfer to a greased container, steam over high heat for around 20 minutes until cooked. Let it cool down a while, when it’s still warm, but touchable, knead the mixture with the 2 tsp of beet juice, (more or less, it depends on how  red you like for your snow skin),  then wrap with a piece of cling film or a plastic bag and chill in the fridge.

For the Black bean paste: 

  • 150g Black bean   (or you can use red bean)
  • 75g to 100g Dry Pitted Dates, soak in water until soft
  • 2 tbsp Tapioca starch, more or less
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup oil


  1. Soak the black bean in water for overnight, cook the black bean with water until soft and drained. Then blend it in a food processor with the drained, pitted dates until a smooth paste.
  2. Cook the paste in a saucepan or wok to medium heat, keep stirring until it starts a little bit dry, add tapioca starch to make it thicker. Then add oil into the paste and keep folding until all well combined. Keep stirring until the paste can come off the side of the pan easily, it should be a thick dough. Off heat and let it cool down.

Vegan Matcha Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean paste ~綠茶,黑豆冰皮月餅(低糖)


  1. Divide the pastry into 35g to 40g for each equal portions, and divide the filling into 30g to 35g each, (if still have some left over, it can store in a freezer with a plastic bag).
  2. The remaining steps, you can see from my previous post, here.
  3. If you like to make more another colour, I can refer you to read my other post, there have more ideas.

Translate to Chinese –


50g   糯米粉
50g   粘米粉
25g   澄面
25g   麪粉
40至50g  糖   (我用8小包纯的 pure stevia代糖)
250ml   椰奶或杏仁奶
20ml   菜油
1  隻新鮮紅菜頭,去皮,切件


1.  將紅菜頭放入小煲内,加水到剛剛盖過红菜頭面,中大火煮滚後,轉小火再煮兩至三分鐘,關火。隔渣,取汁,待凉備用。
2.   將其剩下的材料拌匀,隔篩一次可以令粉浆更幼滑。預備一個蒸盤,搽油,將隔篩了的粉浆倒入蒸盤,大火蒸約廿分鐘。離火,待凉十至十五分鐘,用手触摸蒸好的粉糰,只要不太熱,就可以搓了,最好戴上膠手套搓方便些。
3.   要一邊搓一邊慢慢加入小量的紅菜頭汁,一直加至你滿意的顔色。不要一下子加太多,要不然你的粉糰就會變得太濕,太粘了。若果不是即時用的話,用膠袋装好,放入雪柜。


150g   黑豆或者你可以用紅豆或其他豆類
75g 至 100g  去核椰棗,用小量水浸軟
2 湯匙  泰國生粉或澄面粉
1/4 杯菜油

做法:     (和一般炒紅豆餡的做法大同小異)

1.  將黑豆泡水浸過夜,早上將黑豆加水煮至軟稔。隔去水,連同浸軟的椰棗一同放入攪拌机内打至軟滑,若果太難打,可以加小小水,但不要加太多,否則炒豆的時侯需要很多時問。
2.   將打好的豆茸放入镬内,用中火炒乾,要一邊炒一邊慢慢加入少量的泰國生粉及油,直至豆茸開始变乾身,不粘镬就可以了,關火。待至完全冷卻才用。
3.  將冰皮糰分成35-40g 一個一個的小粉糰。搓揉成圆形,
4.   將黑豆茸分割成大概和冰皮的同等份數,搓圓備用。
5.   將冰皮小糰在手中捏扁,慢慢壓成大圆片,放入分割好的黑豆餡料,利用手掌虎口慢慢將餅皮推高包覆着整個内餡,收口搜至完全粘合,滚圆。
6.   撤上一点羔粉,放入并模內,用手将麵糰壓緊填滿,扣出模型即完成。
7.   完成所有後要密封放冰箱冷藏。

備註:   冰箱冷藏約可以保存3-4天,最好儘早食用完畢。
若果想做不同天然颜色的冰皮,可以進入我之前的 post 内,有很多建議和說明。




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