Vegan Shanghai Cheese Mooncake with Black Sesame Seed Paste ~ 純素蔴茸,上海芝士月餅

Vegan Shanghai Cheese Mooncake with Black Sesame Seed Paste~ 純素蔴茸,上海芝士月餅

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – 8th, Sept. 2014

Yes, I am not kidding, another mooncake again. Because it will be Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner now, that’s why you can see many bloggers are busy to prepare all different of mooncakes, all sorts of fresh fruits and a big feast to celebrate for the whole family, it is a big family gathering day for the Chinese.

Here is the finial batch that I’m ready for this big event, I just recognized this mooncake not many years ago. It is still fresh for me, but I fell in love with it already since then. It is crumbly, full of flavour and cheese aroma. But today, I will make it a change, turn it into Vegan. Possibly, you will query about the taste. But, after I tried the ‘vegan egg yolk’ from last year, I have more confidence to make it for Vegan version this year.

If you stuck me for over a year, you’ll discover that I have created this ‘vegan egg yolk’ earlier before.  I like the salty flavour of it, but not too much, because of the vegan cheddar cheese. I added the pumpkin puree and the flax meal to bind them all together. And the melted coconut oil will be moist enough for this yolk. The last but the newest ingredient that I adapt is the Indian black sea salt, called: Kala Namak, it’s full of minerals, and has a strong flavour that’s similar to real duck egg. Maybe someone doesn’t like it, but I love it!

The benefit and nutrient of the Indian black sea salt, you can find from here. It is black colour, but will turn into pinkish when you grind it into fine form.

And the filling for this mooncake, I like to create something that I haven’t hit it before, another challenge: that is black sesame seed paste with walnut, it is not easy for me though. Because it ought to be the right proportion of the ingredients, otherwise, the taste will get wrong.

Vegan Shanghai Mooncake ~ 純素上海月餅

Vegan Shanghai Cheese Mooncake with Black Sesame Seed paste ~ 純素蔴茸,上海芝士月餅

Ingredient:             (can make 15 to 16 pieces)

For the pastry:         (30g each)

  • 125g Non-dairy Butter   (I use Soy butter)
  • 40g Light brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Non-dairy milk   (I use almond milk)
  • 180g Self-raising flour
  • 20g Soy flour
  • 20g Custard powder
  • 1 tbsp Corn flour
  • 20g Nutritional yeast
  • 10g Ground almond, more or less

For the Black sesame seeds & Walnut filling:        (wrap with vegan egg yolk=30g each)

  • 150g Toasted black sesame seeds
  • 80g Roasted peanuts
  • 20g Organic pure coconut oil
  • 30g Grape seeds oil/ peanut oil or vegan butter
  • 60g Raw brown sugar or coconut sugar
  • 60ml Lukewarm water
  • 75g Cooked Plain flour
  • 38g Cooked Sweet Glutinous flour

*** Or only use 450g Red bean paste or mung bean paste or even Black Bean paste 


  1. Grind the black sesame seeds and walnut in a coffee grinder to powder like.
  2. Mix the lukewarm water, sugar, coconut oil, grape seeds oil until the sugar melted. Add in the black sesame seed mixture.
  3. Sieve both of the flours together, mix with the liquid mixture, slightly knead and mix until dough like, put in a plastic bag and chill in the fridge for around 30 minutes.
For the Vegan ‘Egg Yolk’:    (The recipe was partly adapted from this site, I did some changes for vegan fan)
  • 25g Flaxseed meal
  • 50g Vegan cheddar cheese, grated   (or use Red Leicester Cheese for non-vegan fans)
  • 2 tbsp Nutrition Yeast
  • 50g Steamed pumpkin puree/ Butternut squash puree/ Sweet potato puree
  • 1/2 to 1 tbsp Coconut oil, melted, more or less
  • 1/2 tsp Sea Salt    (I use Indian Black sea salt, called: Kala Namak) 


  • 1 tbsp toasted black sesame seeds, or Nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tsp ground turmeric and 1 tbsp nut milk


  • For all the steps, please refer to my 2013 post.
  • For the red bean paste filling, you can click on the link that I mentioned/ highlighted.
  • For the Vegan ‘egg yolk’, also can click on the link that I provided above. But I made some changes from the original for vegan fans.
  • Preheat the oven to 375°F/190°C/170°C (fan oven), or gas mark 5.
  • Take one of the pastries, press down flat on your palm, put one piece of the filling in the middle, hold it between your thumb and second fingers, slightly push up the pastry to wrap around the whole fillings, seal the edge and roll to a golf ball shape, repeat the remaining pastry and fillings.
  • Lay on a lined baking sheet, bake in the middle shelf of the preheat oven for 10 minutes, take it out and let it cool down for 10 minutes, brush with milk or 1/2tsp ground turmeric, mix with 1 tbsp of soy milk on top of each cake, sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Back to the oven and bake another 15 minutes until golden.
  • Cool on a wire rack before serve.


  • According to my experience, I urge you to use the vegan butter for the pastry, that will be much easier to handle the pastry dough. If you use the vegetable oil, the pastry will be so crumbly, just like mine. It still works, but need lots of love and care to handle!

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