Valentine’s Chocolate Hearts

Valentine’s Chocolate Hearts


Around this two weeks seems so busy, busy. Maybe it is close to our Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day. Actually, only few day after, next Thursday 19th will be CNY already.

So, I haven’t made enough effort for Valentine’s day this year. Remember I made the ‘Shiroi Koibito (White Lovers) Chocolate Cookies 白い恋人‘ and ‘Skinny Red Velvet Cheesecake Pot ~ Veganfrom last year. Those are delicious that I still keep in my memory.

Maybe disappoint you all, I only make some vegan chocolate heart for my love one this year. Hope he doesn’t mind. Happy Valentine’s day, my dear!

The recipe that I follow is adapted from here.  But I can’t make as nice as her, wish she’ll forgive me. You must be so curious that when you see the love hearts. Why are they all black? Because I like dark chocolate, that’s why!!!  🙂

If anyone like it, you can go to her blog link that I provided.

Another one is the chocolate tart that I made. Honestly, it is a trick! Because the tart case I bought it from a bargain corner from our local supermarket. I knew what can I do with it, it is for the Valentine;s day treat. I just fill it with lemon curd that I made before. and top with a chocolate heart. That’s all done!


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