Vegan Sweet Potato & Aubergine Lasagna (+Cashew Cream cheese recipe)

Vegan Sweet Potato & Aubergine/ Eggplant Lasagna  (+Cashew cream cheese recipe)


Do you remember the vegan cheddar cheese that I made before? The cheese is not only melt-able, and also slice-able. And today, the cheese is revamped by the Bunny Kitchen, 10-minute vegan cheese again.

The original recipe was shared by the Vegan Society. But Poppy slightly updates the recipe, that makes it even simpler to prepare. And a few more options to increase the cheesy tang and seasoned so well.

The cheese has more flavor that I like it so much! She suggests using Kappa carrageenan for a firm cheese. Even without the freezer that will slice and grate perfectly. But this ‘Kappa carrageenan’ is a bit expensive for me to afford. So I adapted to use the other option: ‘veg-gel’ instead. It still works well after I put the cheese in the freezer until it’s firm.

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