Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 黑芝麻冰皮月饼

Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 麻茸冰皮月饼


I love this mooncake, especially the black sesame paste filling. I did add some extra peanuts to upgrade 提升 the taste. After the first bite, I can feel the aroma of the toasted sesame seeds fill all over my mouth.

Have you noticed that the freckles on the skin, they’re absolutely adorable!


The ‘snow skin’ pastry 冰皮 that I adopted today, so appreciate to all my Facebook fans. They all get the skillful and professional to all sorts of mooncake. And I like to try one of their pastries here.

Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 麻茸冰皮月饼


For the ‘Snow skin’ pastry:     Recipe adapted from here

  • 130g Cooked Glutinous rice flour  (糕粉)
  • 80g Light brown sugar      (I use 65g)
  • 20 to 30g Black sesame seeds, toasted and grounded       (I use 25g)
  • 40g Solid Trex Shortening, without trans fat or use cooking oil
  • 120ml Water,more or less   (I use 100ml)



  1. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl, rub the shortening into the flour. Stir in the sugar and black sesame powder.
  2. Add the water slowly into the flour mixture until a soft dough is formed. Continue kneading till smooth.

For the Black sesame paste filling:  蔴茸餡

  • 100g Toasted black sesame seeds
  • 50g Toasted peanuts or peanut butter    (Also can use toasted walnuts)
  • 30g Vegan butter or coconut oil      (I use vegan butter)
  • 50g Molasses sugar
  • 15g Maltose syrup 麥芽糖, or use Maple syrup if you can’t get it
  • Pinch of Sea salt



  1. Grind the black sesame seeds and peanuts in a coffee grinder. If you don’t have the peanut butter, just grind the black sesame seeds only.
  2. Add all the remaining ingredients together. Make it into a paste, wrap in a plastic bag. Chill in the fridge for two hours or overnight.


  • 50g Mooncake mold
  • Some cooked glutinous rice flour for dusting the mold



  1. Divide the pastry to 20g to 25g each. And the filling will be 25g to 30g each. It depends on your cake mold size.
  2. If you like to add my vegan ‘egg yolk’ into the black sesame paste. Adjust the quantity to suit your mold.
  3. Follow here to get all the instruction with pictures to assemble the mooncake.
  4. Chill the finished mooncakes in the refrigerator for two or three hours before serve.

4 thoughts on “Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 黑芝麻冰皮月饼

  1. Hi tanya2austin, Happy new year 2016.
    It is nice to hear that you like mooncake as me! Would you like to show me your chocolate mooncake? Maybe It will be my next project for 2016 mid-autumn festival. Thanks for you stopping by. Nice to hear you soon! 🙂

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