A Memorable Trip to Lyon (France)

A Memorable Trip to Lyon (France)

Had a few days visiting the famous Museums in London. It is a fascinating city and interesting.

The day we set off to catch the earlier Eurostar in the early morning (5:30 am), to Lyon in South France. There were crowds of people over there when we arrived the King’s Cross St. Pancras Tub Station. The train took 4+ hours to Lyon. It was nearly 1:00 pm when we arrived in Lyon station.

By the station, part of our family was there already. We’re united together and continued to our journey.

When we dropped our luggage to the self-catering accommodation first and started off to their famous market (Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse) straight away to fuel up our energy. Why? Because there not only sell fresh food and drink over there. They cooked there and served customer there straight away. That’s how clever they did for their business.

My family ordered the freshly cooked mussels with garlic and dozens of fresh oysters with lemon. Some of the bars they have off license, so people could enjoy their fresh seafood and wine there.

But they only have limited food for vegetarian or vegan to choose, it was absolutely difficult here for me. So, all I could eat was the bread with butter or cheese. But I chose the bread only. Surprisingly, the bread was so nice.

After the late lunch, we bought some fresh vegetables and fruits from the grocery.

I saw most of the patisseries have some interesting tart or pie made with loads pink praline of almond on top. They even made with bread or brioche also. It tickled my curiosity! So, I bought one pack of those pink praline for my own tart later when I get back home.

After the shopping, we took a bus back to our flat that’s so close to the town center. We walked through a huge fountain sat in the middle of the town center and surrounded by some exquisite shops. I will show you all later. Because we took a day browse around the town in the other day.

We finished by a dinner in a local Chinese restaurant. Appreciated for the chef can make me some vegetarian dishes. Stir fry aubergine/ eggplant and vegetables with spicy sauce. Saute edamame, those are so delicious.

That’s the first day in Lyon. Tomorrow, we will set off to a beautiful, picturesque and impeccable place. I can say you’ll get amazed by it. Keep reading but be patient! 🙂

That’s the first day in Lyon. The next day, we will set off to a beautiful, picturesque and impeccable place. I can say you’ll get praise by it.


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