Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角

Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角

Chinese new year is coming, it is on 8th Feb, next Monday! It will be the year of the monkey!


Bless everyone has a Happy Chinese New Year and good health!

Before the big day, moms will be the busiest people in the kitchen. Not only the spring clean of the whole house for the Chinese new year. They need to prepare all the food, snacks and even planning to buy new clothes, new shoes for their children. Because they believe that everything needs to be new for the Chinese new year. It will bring all the luck to them. And the children will get the red envelope with lucky money from their parents, even from all married couple. That’s why all the children will be crazy about the Chinese new year. Also, the school will have two weeks holiday. Do you like to be a child? I do!  🙂


Traditionally, I’ll make a few of the special snacks for the new year day, like the Steamed coconut pudding, Steamed Molasses with ginger pudding, Vegetarian ‘Lo Bo Gao’, Crispy sweet dumplings, Steamed coconut koi fish pudding.

But my kids love one of the snacks so much, and they missed it for a long time. It is the traditional deep-fry crispy sweet dumplings. Usually, I’ll bake it in the oven to make it healthier. But one of my friends asks for a deep fry version with egg. Because she likes the pastry more crispy if add the eggs in.

The shape of this crispy sweet dumplings looks like a purse (use your imagination).  🙂 After deep fry, inside the dumplings will full of air and puff up. People believe their purse will get lots of money to keep rolling in. Anyway, it is only one of the folktale.


The pastry here is different from the one that I normally bake. And it is not for vegan (contain eggs), sorry! Anyway, I think if you adopt the pastry of my baked one. It should be fine. So, if anyone tests it, give me a feedback, please! And the main filling has toasted & crushed peanuts,  toasted black or white sesame seeds and some caster sugar. Someone also likes to add desiccated coconut, it is all up to you!

Thanks to one of my facebook fans, Diana Goh for this superb easy Chinese new year snack! 🙂

Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角


For the pastry:

  • 600g Plain flour
  • 150g Glutinous rice flour  粘米粉
  • 250g Unsalted butter or vegan butter
  • 3 Eggs, beaten
  • 80ml water, more or less

If you’re vegan, skip the eggs and add water to 200-250ml. Make sure a little bit at a time.

For the filling:

  • 500g Roasted Peanut skinned and crushed in food processor
  • 10 tbsp Toasted Black or white sesame seeds
  • 250g Unrefined Light brown sugar
  • 5 tbsp Desiccated coconut  椰絲, optional
  • 10 tbsp Vegetable oil


  1. For the filling:  Crush the roasted peanuts in the food processor but not too fine. Mix all the remaining ingredients with the crushed peanuts together. Store in an airtight container.
  2. For the pastry:  Sieve the flour into the stand mixer, cut the butter into small cubes. Use fingers to rub the butter into the flour.
  3. Skip the eggs, if you’re vegan. Just add water in a little bit at a time. Enough to gather all flour together and knead to a dough, but not too soft.
  4. If you’re not vegan, add the beaten eggs in the flour. Start the stand mixer with low speed first. Then add water a little bit at a time, until all the flour gathers together to form a dough. Don’t add too much water, otherwise, the dumplings will get too soggy to handle.

How to fold the dumplings:

  1. Here is my previous post, that included all the steps and pictures. Just follow the step 5 and you will achieve this nice shape of sweet dumplings.
  2. Preheat a large pan or electric deep-fry machine of cooking oil over medium-high heat first. Then, turn down the heat to medium. Carefully, slide the dumplings into the pan from the edge one by one. Be cautious of the hot oil.
  3. Deep fry until crisp and golden. Remember to use a pair of wooden chopsticks to turn the dumplings in the hot oil to get even colour. It will take 10 to 13 minutes to get the golden colour.
  4. Drain on a piece of kitchen paper and wait until completely cool down.
  5. Store in an airtight container.

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