Easy Homemade Tofu

Easy Homemade Tofu

Due to highly appetite to have tofu for my dinner but run out of it. Can anyone help? I can’t pop into a shop to buy it. The shop sells the tofu that’s I like is miles away. I mean 32 miles away that’s what I’m saying.

For a vegan person, nut milk is one of the essential items we always keep in our cupboard. This method to make tofu is the perfect solution for someone in a hurry like me. Recommend you to get the organic soy milk if you can. Have you heard about using lemon juice or white vinegar to make tofu? Most Indian people like to use lemon juice. Today I used the white rice vinegar in this recipe but not the malt vinegar definitely. Please let me know if you use other vinegar. Remind you all, the soy milk must be bring to the boiling point and hold the boiling for 2 to 3 minutes.

After the boiling, pour the filtered water in the cooking milk to cool down. This is a really important step for making vinegar tofu. Then off heat, gradually pour the vinegar mixture into the soy milk, stir constantly until finish all the vinegar. You can see the soy milk start to curdle, and the clear water appears on the top. Now put the pot back on the stove over low heat, let it start to simmer again. Off heat.

Skim the water away, and pour the tofu into the tofu mould with the white cloth that’s provided. Put the lid on top and place a can of chickpea on top to release down the liquid as much as possible. Remove all the cloth and turn on a plate. That’s your homemade tofu with vinegar now! It’s so fresh and full of tofu aroma, it doesn’t smell any vinegar at all. So yummy fresh tofu!

Later on, I will have a few up coming post about tofu. Stay tuned for that!

Easy Homemade Tofu


  • 1 Lt of Soy milk in carton, (organic will be perfect)
  • 25g White rice vinegar + 125ml Filtered water
  • 200ml Filter water


  • 1 x Tofu mould kit (check out of the picture)
  • A Sauce pan


  1. Wash the tofu mould and cloth that’s provided with the kit. Follow the instruction to line the mould.
  2. Bring the soy milk to the boil over medium heat. Make sure it is fully boiling. Add 200ml filtered water into the boiling milk to cool down the temperature. Off heat.
  3. Mix the vinegar and 125ml filtered water.  Take few times to adding the vinegar mixture into the milk. Stir thoroughly between every adding until you see the milk start to curdle and the water getting clear. That’s the result we want. Put the milk over the stove again with medium heat, cook until simmer boiling. Off heat.
  4. Skim the curdled tofu into the tofu mould and put on the lid as well. Use some object to weight down the tofu for a firm tofu if you desire the firm texture.


  • To get the soft or firm tofu depends on how long you weight down the tofu. If you want it soft, reduce the time, otherwise, extend the time will get the firm tofu.
  • The liquid that’s from the curdled tofu, you can use it to wash your hair.

4 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Tofu

    • Suzanne, I can tell you it is the easiest way to make tofu that’s I never try before. You don’t need to make all the hardest part to get the soy milk in advance. I highly recommend to you, try it! Tell me if you make it, ok?

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