Continue The Trip To Split, Croatia

Continue The Trip To Split in Croatia

Thanks for the wonderful weather when we continue our journey to Split airport, Croatia. It reached to 30°C when we arrive the Split airport. It is a small airport, we didn’t spend time there and straight to our planned destination, Split.

Only a short driving after we got in our rented car. Yay, we arrived Split!

We got a friendly and warm welcome from our Airbnb host (a nice guy). And the place is clean, tidy and cosy. 


When we settled down everything, it was the late evening already. We all desperately need something to stuff our empty stomach. Walked down the small alleyway, it was another story. In front of us was a beautiful harbour with a lot of restaurants, pubs, and shops. Most of the restaurants were selling seafood, wines, or Italian food. And they all packed with people. We couldn’t get a good one, unfortunately. I only have a few choices, a vegetarian risotto ‘congo’ was my order. Not my expectation. 😦

The daytime in Split coast was fresh and beautiful.

We walked down to the local farmers market just down the center near the coast. All the produces are not too expensive but fresh. And I liked to choose some lady’s stall to buy. They are so friendly and smile all the way when we talked. Even they’ll give us some extra as well. 🙂

Their fresh or dried figs are so delicious, the stall keepers could let us tried before we bought as well. Such generous! 🙂 A happy shopping day!

In the midday, the sky was started cloudy and lots of people caught wet when it suddenly pouring heavy rain. We ran for a shelter in the square of a seafood restaurant. My family had a lunch over there. And I had the fresh local Greek salad with some fresh oven-baked bread. Delicious!

The next day, we drove down to the Split town center. The weather was better than the day before, sunny and so hot. I picked some photos to show you but if you like to find out more, click in my Flickr.

This place was selling really nice gelato.

Later we found one popular place for our lunch. It was one of a favourite meal here. A big plate with a fresh vegetable platter with rice. I need to share with my family to finish it all.

I bought two big bags of dried figs and some fresh prunes in the outdoor market this day.

And the next day, we will have another adventure soon. 🙂


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