Mushroom Burger with Quinoa & Rice Burger buns ~ Gluten-free

Mushroom Burger with Quinoa & Rice Burger buns ~ Gluten-free

Start from stepping on 2018, I can’t remember how many times I have made the burger. Seems ‘making burger’ is my new goal of playing recently.

But today has different from the past, I’m not going to make the burger but instead of making burger buns. It is not made from flour, yeast, and water. It is made from rice and adds quinoa for more healthier choice.

Incautiously, I haven’t written down all the quantity. Anyway, I just mix it all up randomly. Maybe you can use your cooking skill to patch up this task.

Mushroom Burger with Quinoa & Rice Burger buns ~ Gluten-free


For the rice buns: 

A half pack of Sushi rice; few tablespoon of mixed quinoa; about one tablespoon of mixed sesame seeds (toasted before); one ice-cube size mushroom sauce (optional); rice vinegar; Himalaya pink sea salt; black pepper.

For the burger:

Pack of large Portobello Mushrooms; one avocado; few gherkins; tomatoes; cooked kale.

How to make the rice burger: Cook the sushi rice by following the instruction from the package, just like the normal way to cook rice by using my rice cooker (I didn’t look at the instruction). Cook the quinoa and add into the cooked sushi rice and follow the sesame seeds. Then season with rice vinegar, salt, and black pepper. Remember test the taste for more or less seasoning.

When the rice still warm enough to handle, wet your hands with water and take a handful of rice and shape it a burger bun size. Preheat the frying pan with a tablespoon of oil, fry the rice burger buns over medium-low heat until it starts a little bit brown. You can see the rice turns crunch slightly. Brush the mushroom sauce on one side then off heat. Then fry the portobello mushrooms with a little bit of oil until cooked.

Assembly: Lay one cooked Portobello mushroom on top of the rice bun, then arrange all the veggies one by one and stack altogether. And top with another slice of rice bun with the mushroom sauce face down. Now is the time to gobble up the whole if you can!


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