Fantastic Trip to Amsterdam~Day 1

Fantastic Trip to Amsterdam~Day 1

Probably it is the trip that I won’t forget in my life. It’s also a promise of fulfillment for me as well.

Thanks to my dear! Although I have been to Amsterdam a few times before, even so, it still another fresh story!

This time we plan to visit the world’s largest flower show, the tulips garden mainly.

Dreaming to see this largest flower garden park in the world, Keukenhof tulips garden near Lisse, The Netherland. Apparently, my dream is in front of me! I’m coming to see you!

The first day we arrived at Schiphol Airport, check in the hotel that we stay just a few minutes away. We took the train down to the center of Amsterdam station, Dam Square after we dropped down the luggage in the hotel. This place hasn’t changed even a few years ago since we last visited.

Walking along the river, we found some shops are queuing with lots of people, like the chip shop, the ticket kiosk, the food takeaway, also the ice-cream shop although the weather was chilly with the cold wind. Among them which attract my eyes was this vegan shop, so many people squeezed in the tiny little shop, called Maoz.  What they want to buy was the delicious freshly made falafel wrap. How can I manage to squeeze in, I just couldn’t remember now. The picture that I hold on my hands was the hot wrap, I felt very touched and excited. I watched the man fried the falafels in front of me and they let people adding so much fresh salad and sauce as they like. And I chose hummus, green salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, olives, gherkins, and top with tahini sauce with a few chillies. So fresh, so crunchy, so delicious of course! I’ll give it a high score!

Next to us, was a small chip shop! Yup, it was only chips with so many different sauces that you can top up but without any deep fry fish, not like the fish ‘n’ chip shop in England. Why are those people madly to queue up a long waiting? But I decided to give up cause I  just stuffed by a big falafel wrap.

About 30 minutes walk along the river, just straight down. The roads in the Amsterdam center like a spider web, that’s I call it. You hardly will be lost into somewhere. We arrived at a local floating flower market, called Bloemenmarkt, it was established in 1862. Located in Singel1012 DH Amsterdam, there are lots of floating barges from one end to the other. Each barge is packed with small shops, mainly selling the flower seeds, bulbs, dry flowers, few with fresh flowers. By the entrance, the shop’s ceiling hanging so many dry flowers, they smell so good.  And it is a great place to buy souvenirs. 


Later, we went to search for more food, or you may be called a snack. 🙂


We bought a paper cone of churros with chocolate sauce and eating on the way back. And found a food-truck selling poffertjes, ‘PO-fer-jus’, ‘pannenkoeken’ in Dutch. The super friendly guy was so chatty, that we stayed there for about half an hour chatting. I bought a bag of fresh sliced pineapple for another snack afterward.

We chose another route to walk back to the railway station then we can explore more local places. On the way, we bought a pack of famous snack called stroopwafel, they are two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup. I think I need a straight diet when I get back home.

Day 2 will be continued soon…


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