Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake ~ Mah Lai Goh黑糖馬拉糕

Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake ~ 黑糖馬拉糕  Mah Lai Goh

What is steamed Malaysian sponge cake? Why is it called Malaysian but not Taiwan or Korea? I really don’t know, dear! It just one of my favourite dim sum in a Chinese restaurant.

One of the more common version is after British rule over the Malay Peninsula, retain the habit of afternoon tea, eat cake, but commonly found in coconut milk than milk on the Malay Peninsula, the oven is not easy to find, so used coconut milk instead of milk and using the steam method instead of using the oven to make a cake.

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Water-Chestnut Pudding with Osmanthus (桂花馬蹄糕) ~ Vegan

Water-Chestnut Pudding with Osmanthus  (桂花馬蹄糕) ~ Vegan

This is one of my family’s most favourable Chinese cake. When we have a breakfast in a Chinese restaurant for a special occasion. This is one of the traditional dim sums we must order it 桂花馬蹄糕.  It highly demands dim sum for most of the Chinese people.

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Chinese New Year Crispy Snack ~ 蛋散

Chinese New Year Crunchy Snack ~ 蛋散

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. Wish all the mummy finish their work and enjoy a happy dinner 團年飯 with family.

Happy New Year!


Please, can anyone help me to translate the name of this wonderful snack: 蛋散, into Chinese?

It is really interesting that I search from the google translate. They came out the word: Egg Powder. It gave me laugh a while and still can’t get it right!

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Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角

Chinese Crispy Peanut Puff – CNY Snack 新年食品, 炸油角

Chinese new year is coming, it is on 8th Feb, next Monday! It will be the year of the monkey!


Bless everyone has a Happy Chinese New Year and good health!

Before the big day, moms will be the busiest people in the kitchen. Not only the spring clean of the whole house for the Chinese new year. They need to prepare all the food, snacks and even planning to buy new clothes, new shoes for their children. Because they believe that everything needs to be new for the Chinese new year. It will bring all the luck to them. And the children will get the red envelope with lucky money from their parents, even from all married couple. That’s why all the children will be crazy about the Chinese new year. Also, the school will have two weeks holiday. Do you like to be a child? I do!  🙂

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Steamed Golden Custard Cake (Gluten-Free) ~ CNY, 富貴黃金糕

Steamed Golden Custard Cake ~ CNY, 富貴黃金糕 

Happy Chinese New year to everyone! It is the year of the Monkey on 8th Feb 2016! Wish everyone full of energy, happiness, and good health.

More people celebrate from the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month (January 31, 2016). They start to clean, thorough their houses to welcome a new year from then. And the other thing is people buy New Year food and snacks, New Year decorations, and clothes for the New Year before New Year’s Eve. Chinese New Year, like Christmas for Chinese.

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Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 黑芝麻冰皮月饼

Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Black Sesame Paste 麻茸冰皮月饼


I love this mooncake, especially the black sesame paste filling. I did add some extra peanuts to upgrade 提升 the taste. After the first bite, I can feel the aroma of the toasted sesame seeds fill all over my mouth.

Have you noticed that the freckles on the skin, they’re absolutely adorable!

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Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Vegan Egg Yolk

Vegan ‘Snow Skin’ Mooncake with Vegan Egg Yolk

The Mid-Autumn Festival is on Sunday, 27th September this year. It still has a few days to go. Usually, my mooncakes won’t be so early to post out. For the snow skin mooncake, I like it as fresh as possible.


But, the traditional mooncake needs to be making it in advance. Because the pastry will get more moisture and softer after a few days it made. The Chinese called it: ‘回油‘!

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Vegan Salted Egg Yolk (純素蛋黃)

Vegan Salted Egg Yolk (純素蛋黃)

Before I start to write this post, let me explain why do I need to make salted or preserved ‘egg yolk’. Isn’t it too strange? What’s it for? I don’t think Western people have heard about it, and they won’t put on their dining table also!

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Vegan Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo 楊枝甘露

Vegan Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo 楊枝甘露


Chaunsa: is the variety of mango from Pakistan, I strongly recommended to you today!

Chaunsa is widely regarded as the best mango in terms of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp and high nutritional value.

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Malaysia Street Food ~ Turnover Pancake (Apam Balik) ~ 慢煎餅 (vegan, gluten-free friendly)

Malaysia Street Food ~ Turnover Pancake  (Apam Balik) ~ 慢煎餅

Apam Balik‘ is the Malay name. Its special character is like a type of griddle cake, deep and thick pancake. The texture of Apam Balik is akin to a crispier form of English crumpets. And topped with butter, ground roasted peanut, sugar and toasted sesame seeds. It is then folded into a half-moon shape and cut into wedges before serving. Translated, ‘Apam Balik’ means ‘Folded Pancake’. Available everywhere in Malaysia, it is a most popular snack among the local. It is sold at their night market and other hawker food outlets. Other than the original peanut flavour, also as fresh berries with chocolate or ice-cream are fast catching on, especially among the young.

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