Halloween Spider Web Pumpkin Tart ~ Gluten-free

Halloween Spider Web Pumpkin Tart, gf

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Nearly forgot about it, silly me! Although I saw all the Halloween stuffs like costumes, sweets, decorations, and buckets as well. But…

What will be your fancy costume this year? A vampire or a mummy? A skeleton or a spiderman? But I like to be a pumpkin, why? Because I look like a pumpkin already! hahaha :p

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Happy Halloween No-Baked Pumpkin Tart ~ V & GF

Happy Halloween No-Baked Pumpkin Tart ~ V & GF 

🎃 Happy Halloween Day Everyone! 🎃 

Have you organized a party to celebrate the Halloween day? If you have, enjoy it! But what will you plan for your costume? A pumpkin? A Ghost or a skeleton? Or a Lumberjack? I think a granny will suit me right! :p

Nearly all the bloggers have put on their own signature Halloween post already. Luckily, I think I can get on this last train.

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